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HRP get an enginer to re map KPL car at last min

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Well I hear the panic is over with KPL and an enginer landed at Harper Rally Prep to remap the car to shell fuel so KP will definately be at Rally (rip off) Ireland. At least there will be a few WR Cars at our nations bid for a round of the WRC
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Would a team be allowed use 2 cars 4 one Driver ?
Originally posted by realdriversdoitloose
Would a team be allowed use 2 cars 4 one Driver ?
worked for Audi on the Ivory Coast in the early 80's but I havent heard of it been done since.......

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Rules state : Same Car , Driver + Navi MUST start-finish event . But hey some stunts have been tried over the years :laugh:
I heard a competior had his second car hidden in ditches on a road section in Donegal this year............................................

and it wasnt a white Subaru!!!

DISCLAIMER----this is a Scandalous rumour that I cant qualify I have 0% proof so I will say no more
Ne1 know who is sitting with KPL this weekend??
Originally posted by ritchie
Which of the 2 cars is he using
S700 :D
Has he still got the two cars (KPL), did he sell one like ?:cool:
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