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How to tell if engine is down on power

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Is there any signs that your car could be down on power?

Also.. excuse my beginnerness, but what exactly is rev'ing out? as in if I put to the floor the revs should go up into the red without a considerable amount of time?
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your car will seem slow on the take off if its on standard injection it will have a rev limiter so it will only rev out to the limiter but it should rev out cleanly, did you solve the problem with the air flow metre
ok.. i dont think it was the air flow meter, fuel pump, changed it and it was fine. you could block the fuel coming out of the old pump with your finger,... wudnt even raise the needle on a gauge...
I know that this is possible going to sound stupid but surely you can tell-the car will be going slower or won't reve as nuch. Was it ever Dynoed?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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