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Helpp Seat Rails**!!!**

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Ive got the propper tubing now but what way am i ment to bolt the alloy seat frames to the seat my ideas where!!!

DRILL THOUGH PIPEWORK AND JUST RUN ABOLT THOUGH:- but this didnt seem propper so then i though i could weld a plate onto the side of the rail not sure help if anyone else has seat rails in there car could they email me a pic on [email protected] thanks
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weld a piece of 6mm-8mm flat onto the tubing and mount the seat mounts off of that are they side mounted seats? why dont you look and another corsa and see the way they have it done or else bring the car down to me and i will finish it off for you:p:idea:
LOL sure ill get her finished JP they are side mounted seat just bolt to the flat and not though the tubing i have found out now how to do it just reasuring myself LOL
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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