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Help please

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Hi everybody!!! I was wondering would anybody here be able to tell me were is the best place to buy competition tyres?, as I priced a few places but most of them are charging more than what the competition rims cost!!!!! All replies are appreciated!!
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bill adair in the north is the best man. if you have a vat num u can save on that 2 !:idea:
Thanks anfearmor!!! Do you have a number for him?
Bills Number s 048164828 Ears in Mallow are also competive enough wit prices there number s 022 42050
Talk to Nigel in Dunlop he is sound
Jenny in Dunlop, Nigel is semi retired now,
Tel: 01-6238500..

Wider range of tyres in 13"
Try stonemad for the Silverstone tyres very reasonable too.
Thanks gaham!! Silverstone are now in ireland and going very well,we are keenly priced for the clubman and the tyres are getting some fantastic results in the uk and now in Ireland!! SILVERSTONE TYRES 012135994
Thanks everybody for your repies, I appreciated it a lot!!!!
i would say silverstone great tyre brill under brakin
Hey buy yourself a lock of s210's and you will be sorted....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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