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GSMC Spectating Advice

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Howdy folks, need some advice. i know its a bit late in the day, but im heading down 2moro to support a friend of ours in his Mini and have only been to one rally before (but absolutely loved it) just wondering what time would be good to get there. i know the first cars are off at 10.15 but what time would we need to avoid closed roads etc and could anybody recommend a good spot for viewing?

sorry if i sound like a complete plank, but im new to all this so be gentle with me :laugh:
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Get down for 9 45 get a stage map and off you go-Spinans hill is a good stage with reasonable access-bring your wollies-its going to be bleedin freezin
thanks a million rubywax!!

dont worry, a december morning at molls gap learned me all i need to know about wrapping up :eek::eek:
first car leaves the start control at 10:20 and goes to service in Whitestown then onto SS1 which starts at 11:01, SS2 starts at 11:44 with service at 12:31. SS3 starts at 13:32 and the final stage is at 14:15 with the first car due back to final control at 14:50
cheers man. nice photos btw :)

god i hope the mini starts in the morning :laugh:
thanks :)

i was told today theres a jump about 3 or 4 miles into SS1, some guys reckon they'll get air on it and other lads(and the girls) think they will be approaching it with caution....dunno what to do as its a bit of a trek to get to it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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