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Group B Rallysprint

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Whats started from an idea by myself to run a 6R4 only sprint has now changed into a Sprint for all Group B cars.

Darlington and District Motorclub have been asked to organise a sprint at Croft for Group B cars to determine which of the machines from the classic era of rallying is the fastest.

Apart from its on going centenary celebrations, the club is planning to pitch classics like the Peugeot 205T16, Audi Quattro, MG Metro 6R4 and Ford RS200 against each other.

The sprint format has been proposed because it would allow as many owners of the fire breathing cars to compete as possible.

DDMC'S plans includes classes from full spec original Group B cars, current rally spec machines and road going versions, running alongside the event will be an event for Classic Rally cars.

It is expected that each run would consist of 2 laps of the Croft circuit and at least four runs would be contested.

DDMC wants owners and drivers of such classic machines to register their interest with Terry Wright on 01325 359895 or by email at [email protected]

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Just seen it in todays motorsport news. fantastic idea and best of luck with it. Any idea of how many entries you`re expecting
not sure yet as waiting for responce but the 6r4 guys know its happening so just need to let others know now
The event is looking to be run mid march
Sounds Fab.................:cool:

Love those group b cars
Its being hell of a long time since I have seen Group B cars at croft, looking forward to it !!!:)
From My idea Darlington and District motorclub are pressing ahead with plans to stage the Group B Sprint for all the fire breathing Group B monsters. The meeting has been pencilled in to take place at the Croft Circuit on March 18.

The awesome sight of Group B cars in action was brought to a halt at the end of 1986 when they where deemed "Too fast to race"- so the spectacle of seeing Metro 6R4's, Audi Quattro turbos and their contemporaries in action again will be quite something.

DDMC joint president Terry Wright is now working on getting sponsorship to ensure the event goes ahead.

Anyone who can help is urged to contact Terry on 01325 359895 or email [email protected]

Any drivers wishing to take part please contact my self [email protected]
will ther be any rs 200 at it, what about the slowly sideways group
Hopefully there will be a few RS200's, not sure on Audi's as I'm not handling the entries as that is down to Terry Wright at Darlington motor club
Darlington & District Motor Club Ltd.

The Group B Challenge

Croft Circuit – 2006


Welcome to the first running of the Group B Challenge incorporating the Classic Rally Car Challenge. When it was suggested by Mark Lowe that a number of Group B owners were interested in finding out just which was the quickest Group B car, Darlington & District Motor Club grasped the concept with both hands and welcome the opportunity to place these magnificent machines in a competitive environment in front of the public. The Sprint format is the only one which will allow all the owners to compete, no matter whether the car is in original Rally trim or a road car, or whether the driver has held a competition licence previously. Each run will be over 2 laps of the Croft racing circuit which incorporates high speed sections with some technical slower sections, all in all a demanding lap.
DDMC is keen to encourage Classic Rally Cars to take part for separate awards.
We hope to make this an annual event to showcase what was probably the best era of motorsport.

Terry Wright
Competition Secretary – Darlington & District Motor Club Ltd.

The Darlington & District Motor Club Ltd will organise a National B Sprint on Saturday March 18th 2006 at the Croft Circuit near Darlington
The meeting will be governed by the General Regulations of the Motor Sports Association, (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FISA), these Supplementary Regulations and any written instructions, which the organising club may issue.
Competitors require a National B (or higher) licence (subject to L.7.1.5). The following MSA Permits have been issued; National B: 33055
The event is open to: members of Darlington & DMC and members of Clubs affiliated to ANECCC & ANCC.
The event is not a qualifying round of any Championships:
The length of the course is 4.2 miles and commences Pit Lane adjacent to the start line and finishes after 2 laps at the Finish Line.
The event will consist of classes as follows:

1. Group B Rally Cars Unlimited
2. Stage Rally
3. Road Going
4. Rallycross
5. Classic Rally Cars +2200cc
6. 1600 – 2200cc
7. 1300cc - 1599cc
8. Up to 1300cc
The programme for the meeting will be:

Signing On from 0800 in Race Administration
Scrutineering from 0800 in the Scrutineering Bay
Practice will commence at 0930
First timed runs will commence immediately following the completion of Practice
Competitors will have the opportunity to walk the course up to 0920 and will have the opportunity of two practice runs
The results will be determined by the accumulation of the timed runs (where there is a tie, then the result will be determined by the fastest of the timed runs).
Competitors will be identified by numbers (L.9.2.5) which will be advised in the Final Instructions.
The maximum entry for the meeting is 80. The minimum is 20. The minimum for each class is 3. Should the above minimum figures not be reached, the organisers have the right to cancel the meeting. The organisers reserve the right to amalgamate classes where necessary.
The Entry List opens on publication of these Regulations and closes on 10th March 2006.
The Entry Fee is £100 and completed forms should be returned with the fee to: Terry Wright, 98 Ravensdale Road, Darlington, DL3 8DU. Tel. (Before 9pm) 01325 359895, Fax 01325 463253 Email [email protected]. Entries will be accepted in receipt order.
Entry Fees may be refunded as follows: A) if cancellation is confirmed in writing and received on or before 10th March – a full refund. B) if cancellation is confirmed in writing and received after 10th March but at least 48 hours before the start of the event – a full refund less £20 administration charge unless replaced by a reserve.
Provisional results will be displayed at Race Administration as soon as possible after the event. Any protests should be made in accordance with GR Section O.
The Officials of the Event are:

MSA Steward TBA
Club Stewards D Dalton, TBA
Clerk Of The Course C Gibson
Secretary of the Meeting T P Wright
Chief MSA Scrutineer P Elliott
Chief Timekeeper D Sharp
Chief Medical Officer TBA
Timekeepers, Starters, Marshals and all named Officials are Judges of Fact.
The awards for the Meeting will be:

FTD A Glass Decanter
1st in each Class An Award
2nd in each Class (min 6 starters) An Award
3rd in each Class (min 12 starters) An Award
Class and numeric order will determine starting order. During the competition runs, failure to come to the line when called will result in the run being forfeited. Cars will start individually. The start signal will be a green light. The method of timing will be Electronic Class E. Drivers will be expected to start as soon as they are called and lined up. Tyre warming will only be allowed in the designated area immediately in advance of the start line.
Provision will be made for shared drive cars.
Chequered boards will indicate the Finish line.
Competitors are reminded that noise regulations will be STRICTLY enforced. Please ensure that your car meets the requirement.
Petrol is NOT available at the circuit.
Passengers may not be carried during the competition.
Vehicles will require a timing strut as defined under L10.9.
Catering facilities will be available.
No trade sales may be undertaken at the event without prior written permission of the circuit owners.
A strict 5 mph speed limit will be enforced in the Paddock and public areas. Competitors must not exceed this limit when driving in these areas. Failure to adhere to this regulation may result in exclusion from the meeting.
Competitors will be supplied with 5 admission tickets and 1 car pass, which are included in the entry fee. Competitors may gain access to the Paddock during Sunday as Security Staff are on duty however, competitors are reminded that racing engines must not be run before 0900 or after 1800.
Visit the DDMC website at www.darlington-motor-club.org.uk.
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Theres quite a bit of interest in this even but we need more entries if the club is to run this event which I hope it does as all that hard work will be for nothing.

There has been interest from the Talbot Sunbeam club about members bringing their cars along and Chris Wise has two cars in it, his Metro and a Ford Escort

There are somemore entries but will find out what they are.
If I can get hold of a Metro 6R4 or any other type classic car I have had it from a top driver that he will come and race
I am not saying who it is yet as I am working on getting a car for him but he will definately pull in the crowds
At last night's committee meeting the decision was taken not to proceed with the event on March 18th as only 8 entries had been received. DDMC will, however, continue to move forward with this event with a view to finding a suitable Summer date
I had been intouch with Jimmy McRae who would of competed if a car could of been found but sadly not to be at the moment
Thats a shame Mark I had it marked in my diary
Will this be going ahead in the near future?? If there was more entrants??
The idea is still there and hopefully all is not lost.

If this can be ressurected then it should work.

I will let you all know if anything comes about
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