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Gronholm signs for Ford

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taken from the BBC:

Marcus Gronholm and co-driver Timo Rautiainen have signed two-year deals to compete for Ford in World Rally.
The Finns, currently with Peugeot, will make their debut in January in Ford's brand new Focus RS.

Gronholm, 37, made his rally debut in 1989, has won 18 events and was world champion in 2000 and 2002.

"I believe Marcus and the all-new Focus RS WRC will be the perfect package. He will join the team at a hugely exciting time," said Ford boss Jost Capito.

"Ford has an incredible opportunity to reach the pinnacle of the sport and Marcus will play a vital role in our aim to win the world championship with the all-new Focus RS WRC."
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For me the Focus is nearly as good a car as the Citroen is. They just had no one to drive it. Now that problem has been sorted. Watch Marcus go now that he has finally got a decent car. Would strongly fancy him for the title next year
The new Focus will make its competitive debut on Rally Australia. It will be interesting to see how it goes.
Motorsport News was so sure that Marcus and Seb were going to join together in this "dream team" with the private Citroen firm but that could never have worked. Marcus has made the sensible choice
its not to often that motoring news is wrong:D
Great to see Ford have finally signed a driver, should be well up for the title next year:)
Originally posted by DavidN
Great to see Ford have finally signed a driver, should be well up for the title next year:)
give them the trophy now to save the bother:)
Marcus will make the Focus fly next year....watch out the frog!!!
Cant wait till see him lighting up the stages in the new Focus RS. it looks really well. !!!! Good Luck to him because he will be a real contender for the title next year!!
really hope the rs works next year. still would much prefer to have seen Mcrae back at ford
Well there is hardly going to be any competion for Ford next year-PSA are pulling out of the sport-that two major teams gone, Subaru & Ford-no wonder it will be easy for them, Skoda are hardly any competition now are they?
Next year will be far better than this as all the teams will have similar budgets and not the obcene budgets of the Frog teams.....roll on 2006!!!!
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