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Go on the Denis!

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Once again Denis shows up the big boys with older machinery.. Class driver ( especially in the wet! ). Liam Mc Carthy as usual rallying in his back yard and fails to deliver the goods. Well done Denis.... Superb Driver wherever the stages take him!:laugh:
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I am delighted that Denis and Helen have won, they are a fine team and fine people. Well ODne both

Your comments on Liam are unfair. If you know so much you will also know that Denis and Helen both are west cork residents.

But again, overdue, and well deserved result for Denis and Helen

their will be a big party in Clon tonight.


John Bayly
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yeah well done to Denis and Helen nice to see the old subaru driven like it should be flat out to VICTORY especially on home turf .
re- Denis

"Your comments on Liam are unfair. If you know so much you will also know that Denis and Helen both are west cork residents."

I am fully aware of that but as I mentioned, Denis is quick everywhere but Liam isn't. Nothing against Liam, just think Denis is a much better Calibre of driver. Liam has only been on the podium on local events Cork 20 etc... where he is barely top 10 outside of Munster. Just my opinion:)
if you consider 3rd in laois bad and i can remember him showing up some of the big boys in killarney a couple of years ago ne way well don to the two of them two great drives.
Well done dennis, good to see the times getting better!! :cool:

keep er lit! :cool:
Great drive by Denis and well deserved, feel sorry for Liam as he drove very well. Stage 14 appeared to be his downfall because when the heavens opened Denis drove harder, and is clearly more comfortable than Liam in the wet. We managed to get Liam getting several overshoots on camera on stage 14.
A very big congratulations to Denis, couldn't happen to a nicer guy and a hugely talented pilot.
Liam was actually fastest on ss14, at that time the roads were only wet, the big problem was the last 2(ss15 & ss16) as the standing water was treacherous on both stages and it was very hard to get any sort of rythm going.
It was great to see 2 local drivers fighting to the bitter end on what was a very tough rally, remember, at the end there was only 17 seconds between these guys after 16 stages and they were over 2 1/2 minutes clear of everybody else.

Finally, congrats to Kevin Kelleher on group N win, while most competitors dropped 20 - 40 seconds on ss16 over their ss14 times, Kevin was actually 3 seconds quicker !!
Spot on 20Valver, it was a great drive by Kevin Kelleher in the Evo 8 having done no testing. He only got the car at 4.30pm on Friday evening. I have sat with Kevin and he is a talented pilot. Kevin and Martin are two of the soundest lads you could meet and best of luck to them in Kerry where they are planning to begin their national championship campaign. I'd fancy Denis Cronin to do well in the Circuit of Kerry also, now he appears to have the car sorted.
He has the subaru up for sale now.
Anyone know what Denis plans to do if he seels this car??
Moving away from WRC cars ..... too expensive ..:caution:
supposed to be out in clare
Lets hope so, what a fantastic car and driver, Their is very little better sound or specticle than a proper M3. Mark II's are just a poor second in my opinion
Have to agree with you for once there jonb, can't beat an M3, then again 03dublinwrx might say a Sierra Cosworth is better!! Especially in Wexford!
Denis is doing 00 in clare with the M3 in a few weeks time. Im about 99% sure of that.. Cant wait to see her back out again. As far as I know Denis hasnt decided on a replacement for the subaru as yet. There is a few more rally wins left in him if he stays the WRC route, thats for sure.but I suppose its hard to justify that expense!
I herd a rumor last that John Mac was trying to do a deal with Denis for the swaping the Corolla for the Subaru :caution: but that it wont happen , as the money would be too much - i think the balance would be too much for Denis myself , that Corolla is very expensive :(
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