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Glenns of Antrim Rally on TV this week

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was chattin to Jonny from SVS and he said Rally of the Glenns is on Sky Sports this thursday
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4pm on sky sports 2 and 8pm on Extra
Happy days, must get it recorded!!!
was tryin to watch it last sunday but the bushwacker came on. this thursday at 8 on xtra?
Originally posted by jrowan
was tryin to watch it last sunday but the bushwacker came on. this thursday at 8 on xtra?
Was doing the same, sent the svs lads an e-mail and they said sky played the bushwhacker instead!!!!
i checked the tv guide in the paper today, def on at 8 this thursday
does anyone no wen svs are sending out the tapes for glens of antrim rally. everyone who enterd it gets a tape.
As far as I heard it was a mistake in the regs . Supposedly Mid Antrim just copied last years regs and just changed the dates and forgot to take this out . Just what I heard .....not sayin it is true .
No Tapes This Year

I didn't check the regulations for that but I can tell you officially that the club did not pay for a tape per crew package this year - so there won't be any tapes sent out in the post like previous years.

Fair play to the club, they were still able to run a great event without a title sponsor and only 66 or so entries. But the purse strings were bound to be very tight and understandably, they couldn't afford to think about tapes with such low funds.

Videos & DVDs of the 1 hour TV Programme are available to buy from SVS Productions.
Also available: If you weren't featured in the TV Programme or you would like all your clips that SVS has on file, get in touch and once we receive your order + payment, we will make them up for you.

Many Thanks,

Terence J. Hegarty
SVS Productions

Tel: +44 (0) 28 7962 7952
Mob: +44 (0) 7718 760 273
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.svsproductions.com
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