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Gareth McHale on wrc 2006

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l heard that Gareth McHale plans to compete on most of the rounds of the 2006 world rally championship does anyone know if this is true, he supposedly announced this at the prize giving for the national forestry championship, Is this true or is it something some one dreamed up of??
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Originally posted by jp ruth
he supposedly announced this
probly same as other supposedly's :barf::barf::barf:

all power to the fella if he does and stuff the folk that says he dont deserve billy coleman award :barf::barf:
This story was at the bar there alright, but not said by Gareth.

Typical now that I think back! could this bar place be where most Irish Rally Rumours Eminate from????

2 Mc Hales in Monte, what a story:cool:
ya i heard that another ford is going to them and they should be ready for monti .....
According to both Gareth and Paul Nagle at the Marshals day next years plans wont be finalised til December
i hope its true!

ireland should make its own wrc team!!!:laugh:
Gareth is hoping to put the budget to do some WRC rounds, maximum of 6. He did say at the prize giving that he hoped to do some WRC rounds in an up to date WRC car.
I have heard that Gareth is getting Austins 03 focus and that there is an 05 focus on order for Austin!!Any1 else hear this??
Heard Gareth gettin new car, ????
Will have to wait to see what Galway brings
he will go place's with the right step up and support.
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