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Galway rally 2006-YABBA DABBA DOO

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Well folks it time for me to gloat again. Can't wait for the new season to start. Got myself booked into the Radisson for the Galway rally weekend-a very modest €240 for two nights B+B-they do an amazing Irish breakfast-should keep me going all day and it will be nice to be out at a rally for two days. This getting up at 6am to drive to a rally and back in one day is getting a wee bit tiring so I plan to do my rallying in a bit of comfort in 2006. A word of advice-The Harbour Hotel is doing two nights B+B for €99 per night-book now -You heard it here first-don't have nightmares now. :laugh:

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ive booked one night in the old vauxhall astra........pretty cheap but i hear theirs a bit of a draught at nite.........

its too cold to setup tent this time of year and ground is shitty.... so sleeping bag and 16 layers in some auld hedge on some auld road in gallimh.

gonna sit in a pub til 1 o clock or so, try to keep warm and far away from car as possible, then when eyelids start nudging me saying early start then its time to get all frozed up and shiit.

havent been down galway in ages but 3 stages run 3 times sounds good for the impatienced folk like myself.
What time is the ramp at tomorrow morning?
Cool, thanks.
Thanks abe1234 -Got them off a bloke I know up north-They do Eugene's too ya know-can put you in contact if you like-they are a bit slow but the results are excellent-as he said to me-cheapest advertising you can buy-
Boland has a new Focus-same colours, JJ is back in R 55 TH, no sign of Eugenes or Austins cars in Parc Ferme yet-but it is still early. This is going to be a cracking rally-stages all very close together and big gaps between each one so jumping from stage to stage will be easy to see as much of the action as poss.

Will post more pics tomorrow
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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