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Galway rally 2006-YABBA DABBA DOO

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Well folks it time for me to gloat again. Can't wait for the new season to start. Got myself booked into the Radisson for the Galway rally weekend-a very modest €240 for two nights B+B-they do an amazing Irish breakfast-should keep me going all day and it will be nice to be out at a rally for two days. This getting up at 6am to drive to a rally and back in one day is getting a wee bit tiring so I plan to do my rallying in a bit of comfort in 2006. A word of advice-The Harbour Hotel is doing two nights B+B for €99 per night-book now -You heard it here first-don't have nightmares now. :laugh:

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So one week to go and getting all excited. First rally of the year and a whole weekend too. Hoping to get a spin in a WRC car as a thank you for a favour I did and looking forward to that-never been in a rally car ever-so brilliant.

Booked in at the Raddison-Rally HQ-so in the centre of the Action.

Going down Friday to check out scrutiny and get some pics of the new cars and liveries. Might be able to post them on Friday if I have net access.

No sambos or hot teas this year-doing it in style and Luxury. Looking forward to seeing the Genie in action-a joy to behold and all the others. I may even raise a smile for DMG as he struggles to keep up.

All I can say at this point is:


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Originally posted by Steve
marshalling at the ulster again ruby?! :cool:

Undercover of course:p
Originally posted by can1
rubywax ur a bit of a nutcase, cant make it to Galway myself as i have to work but enjoy anyhow.

R we goin to c u up this way over easter??

Depends on several things-we shall see-I did say I was not doing the Circuit as it is a pants event so I can hardly go and spectate now can I.:roll:

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Entries closed-names are up-no surprises
On the road now folks-if you see me say HI-Grey Golf Tdi with snaglists.ie on the panels.

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Thanks abe1234 -Got them off a bloke I know up north-They do Eugene's too ya know-can put you in contact if you like-they are a bit slow but the results are excellent-as he said to me-cheapest advertising you can buy-
Boland has a new Focus-same colours, JJ is back in R 55 TH, no sign of Eugenes or Austins cars in Parc Ferme yet-but it is still early. This is going to be a cracking rally-stages all very close together and big gaps between each one so jumping from stage to stage will be easy to see as much of the action as poss.

Will post more pics tomorrow
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