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Galway-another fine mess for Harrison

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Biggesst accident I've seen-ever. Must have barell rolled 3, perhaps four time. Car is in bits

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Pic seconds after-in the forground are the rocks that the car hit.

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Its good to see Jim and his co driver standing there ok.....they were very lucky.........
It was a big high speed one. Running into a fast left, car was out of control before the bend-saw in the in car footage just after the crash-it ran wide on the bend, climbed a bank, flipped and rolled about 3 times. Hit some embedded rocks on the outside of the next junction, where they should have been turning right. The car was back on its wheels at this point but it flipped again when it hit the rocks (Jim's side) and then came to rest on its wheels. Harvey was out pretty quickly and then Jim came out about 30 seconds later. The cage is slightly damaged on the drivers A pillar and the only straight panels are the drivers side doors. Car 18 also came to grief on this bend and it was mayhem. Marshals a bit slow in stopping the stage. The Yellow and Blue Escort Cosworth-can't remember the drivers name-spun rather than clobber Slator's Fabia, which had just managed to stop. Just looking at the pics of the car I took-it was on its roof, sliding on the road at one point-from the scratches on the roof.

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Sounds like you had a very busy corner,we all like to see a bit of action
but that place ended up a bit costly for some.On patterson notes it said
very few of the top cars got around that strech without incident.Is this
true rubywax?
i would love to know how much it costs harrison to insure the s9 per rally cause he is a hard man on a car not to many he finish's with out some damage. If i was kenny i would be getting fairly pissed off with him at this stage only i guess he is making a mint.
Donnelly & Breen both overshot the junction-too fast-could not even turn in-then all Ok u til harrison, the other cars going by until car 18 came along. Slator nearly hit the stricken car blocking the stage.

See pic:

I think we lost 30 cars on the first two stages.
Great pix. Mammoth shunt, by the looks of it.

That S9 will be unsellable 'cos when the history is read it'll seem like the bloody thing always had a crash. The brakes will be practically unused, though!
I reckon Kenny will on to Prodrive for a new Shell-it was pretty bent up-every panel except the two doors and rear arch. The roof is stove in and the cage bent so its a write off.
costs about £5000 + to insure a wrc for a single rally. dont know if they take into account for previous crashes etc. looks pretty nasty, reminds me of hurson's car afta killarney.
what sort of a excess would be on that was'nt dmg complaining aboyt paying 20-40 k for insurence i would reckon it would be more than 5 k for a s9 and the do check as far as i know and if you have a load of claims they are surely going to pump it up by a few k more
Man direct is an insurance company-I am sure the premiums aren't too steep if you know the right folk
Man Direct is an on-line company trading mainly in futures, securities and CFDs
Originally posted by Ben
Man Direct is an on-line company trading mainly in futures,
And that car has no future now:laugh:
Kenny more then likely bought a few new shells at the beginning of the season when Jim confirmed he wanted to use the S9, also probably the same reason why he bought the second S9. Jim Certainly does not look to unhappy, in the photo.
Man direct has links to the insurance world-anyhow it was only a quip. Jim and Harvey were actually quite jovial about the whole thing, even posing for photos and very willing to talk, which considering the shunt was commendable of them. Harvey in particular was using a lot of black humor-I did tell him to brake, no, brake, brake and also quipped that it was the co-drivers side as usual. The looks on thier faces in the pic sums it all up. I sent it on to Kenny too.
Originally posted by Clan
Kenny more then likely bought a few new shells at the beginning of the season
Yeah Im sure he went down to the local motor factors and ordered 5, over the counter..............they are that easy to pick up them S9 shells!

In fact he has that many of them he sold one on e bay to a fella from Dundalk who uses it as a hen house and then he uses another to store scrap lawnmowers in:caution::roll:
top scrotum, it is a good hen house, so whats with the slaggin??
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