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Galway 06

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Planning a trip to Galway next year.........would be grateful for any help..
Looks fairly easy to get to Galway from UK
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Simple. you can fly from Manchester, Luton, Edinburgh direct into Galway. Hire a car, or ferry to Dublin, three hour drive this side. Plenty of hotels, pubs etc etc. Just remember it is in Feb and it can be cold.
Shannon is about an hour’s drive-Ryan Air & Easy Jet too. Air Fungus is expensive. Lots of B+ B, Galway is full of lovely girls too and the pubs, music all that crack, etc. Stages usually 30 mins or so drive from the city and based in seperete areas on the two days. Also the boy racers seem to like a bit of a riot on the Saturday night, which is a bit of a spectacle too.
I don't know where you get the hours drive from, its at least an hour and half if not two on a week day. Also promoting the boy racers is not a good idea and and such a statement would not come from a rally fan.
woz it not the "twin cam" brigade that nearly killed the rally for good a few years back. We dont need them sort of supporters, running a rally is hard enough without trying to calm down the locals and the Garda:mad::mad::mad:
the boy racers are talking bout galway already :eek:
i know one fellow who has a shappire and is putting a vauxhall ecotec into it for galway. lunatic!
Why doesn't he try rallying to see how talentless he is?
Hopefully they'll take cars off people this year......
it's a pity they don't record what they have under the hoods cause would put money on it that it would not match insurance details.boy racer's are not welcome at rallies as far as i'm concerned
boy racers stay away - apart from matthew Wilson

And there's a couple of brothels in Salthill as well. Lovely Latvian ladies. €50
not sure about phone numbers or address but strangely if you type in "escorts ireland" into google you may think you will get information about that nostalgic car made by Ford but no, its of another variety :p
Gus you need to get out more. What happens if you type Galway Hooker?:roll:

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all boy racers are useless at driving! they just think they are good! Idiots!!
In fiarness to boy racers, last week at the Fastnet I witnessed two rwd toyotas on a wet concrete slab in a yard waltzing around each other, there was excellent car control-worthy of Russ Swift. They were not on the public road and the cars where under control. I have been driving for a long time, used to be able to do a J turn and a handbrake turn but would not even know where to start to waltz a car around another car, when that car is waltzing around it.

I would hate to see the tyre bill-and don't anyone post that my post is not a true rally fans post or that I am encouraging boy racers. If anyone had seen this driving they could not have failed to be impressed. They were safe and no one was at risk.

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Originally posted by McS
all boy racers are useless at driving!

????? Really?? Some of our top drivers were boy racers only a couple of years ago.....

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Ruby what you may seen is car control, what a local would have seen is two hooligans reving their cars up and doing handbrake turns, What you saw will not make the local paper what the local saw will. If they want to waltz around, then they should bugger off and do it in their own driveways and not within 50 miles of a rally. They give rallying a bad name by there presence and a name that sticks, if they present themselves anywhere near a rally. These boy racers are nothing but boils on the arse of Humanity.
The boy racers are out there when there are no car rallies on doing the same stuff. And the amount of times I have been asked by locals when I am out spectating what is going on and when you tell them the road is closed because there is a car rally on they have no clue what you are talking about. so the locals are not connecting the two things. I remember 25 years ago we were doing spins and handbrake turns at rallies-it was part of the crack then for us when we were that that age, so now we are all grown up and start throwing stones at the sinners. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. I came over from England for the 89 COI, got a brand new Ford Orion Hire Car with 15 miles on the clock. I put up 800 miles in that car in 4 days. Every patch of gravel from Aughrim to Pomeroy had my skid marks on it. It was crack at the time. Did I care-not one jot-I had my collision damage waver insurance paid and boy was I going to get value for money Looking back it was dumb but at time it did not seem so. So it is the same for the boy racers of today. Its all about peer pressure and showing off-something we all did as immature youths. can anyone say they did not do dumb stuff when they were young
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Originally posted by andy t
woz it not the "twin cam" brigade that nearly killed the rally for good a few years back. We dont need them sort of supporters, running a rally is hard enough without trying to calm down the locals and the Garda:mad::mad::mad:
usu rallyretro, I hear he has it all on video from that year at salthill
The locals do know what is going on believe me, when you have to do a bit of PR. If we ever have trouble in Galway again, the rally will be gone, it has zero support from Jo soap in Galway, the local papers will not even give it a mention unless it is bad news. Only the business's that benefit from the rally want it here, and the rally fans that live here. Also try finding stages, for two years in a row some locals have protested about there roads been used as stages. If you saw the signs on the side of the road, "rally not wanted" , "rally drivers go home" and they were the polite ones. In the old days we called them cowboys, now they are boy racers nothing has changed except the spotlight is now on there antics. And we have to suffer because of some stupid behaviour of a mindless few.
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