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Future of WRC cars in Ireland..

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I was having this conversation with a few mates last nite & i was wondering what everyone else was thinking..

When the WRC goes back to mechanical diffs, will that mean the end of them in all other countries.. If so will that mean that 2005 spec cars will have an advantage over 2006 spec cars, particularily on Gravel.. I know its too early to judge but the 2006 Focus used in austraila didnt have the pace of the older cars ??
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I would disagree there- the Focus had 2 fastest times towards the end of the rally, in only its first gravel event, Mitsubishi will be stronger next year with Passive diffs.

Development is so extensive now in WRC teams that these new rules will only slightly pause pace not drop it or hold it for long.

On the subject of WRC cars in Ireland- how many have we got:dunno:

I just found the answer:laugh:


a brilliant idea there!!! and a great gallery!!

I have always said we were a great little country!!

Cue the haters now to come in and slag all those fine WRC drivers:roll:
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Could you tell me what a Passive diff is, I haven’t heard this before, am I right in saying that the mechanical diff is just a normal diff, with no active technology.
Im not sure, but my thought is that Passive and mechanical are the same thing, as you say no active control
Passive and Mechanical are the same, Active diffs are electronically controlled and can be adjusted at any time. They can also be manually controlled inside the car.
As for the Focus the 2006 car in testing is actually quicker then the 2005 car on the same piece of forest with the same driver in the same conditions. It will not take away from the performance, the passive diffs they are talking about are not standard mechanical items but modrenised and cheaper then active. Still some serious bit of engineering is been done at the moment.
remember Loriauxs statement earlier in the year.
A £100 Casio watch with eelctronic software can do everything and more than a £3000 Breitling. We will get mechcanical diffs to do the same
The comparison Casio = Active, Mech / Passive = Bretiling.
Budgets my behind, cost saving my behind, but More Sideways = Entertainment.
I agree Jonb, passive is going to be a bigger spectacle no doubt about it. If Ford can have the 2006 car up too and past the 2005 cars performance already with passive diffs how quick will the car be at the end of next year with 15 months of development behind it, and what wonderfull space age material is going to be used to make them reliable. Also saying that, if Colin gets back into a WRC I think he would be back at the top very quickly. This reversal to passive diffs might save money for a year but technology will find a way to work within the rules but also create an advantage in passive technology which of course will come at a price with R n D etc and we will be back to square one.
i remember austin mc hale at enniskillen print factory stages when he just got the corolla he forgot to switch on the active diffs the car was handling in a cicular motion
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