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I quote from an email i recived

"EU and GB rally officials are worried that the recent fuel shortages will slowly but surely affect motor sport in the not to distant future,
Due to this, reports are coming in that either motor sport events will be drastically reduced or stoped for a short while each year until further fuel problems persist”

I think this is very worring indeed couldnt think what a world without motorsport would be like!!!

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Prices are starting to fall again now anyway. Noticed one station that I pass on the way to work every mornin has dropped by 6c a litre since Monday............A few other ones near me have reduced a bit aswell.
Good point Pee, it would be ratoned if there was a shortage....
That hurricane is just after affecting prices a bit.....theres another one about to hit Texas aswelll apparently but it's not supposed to be as bad so hopefully things will settle down soon!!!!
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