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forestsry for 2006

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after seeing the amount of group n and other 4wheel drive machinery in the woods this year,not forgetting the antics of some mk2 men that put a few of the latter to shame,2006 looks like the only way to go is put the nobblies on and head for the wood.Just dont think it will ever get the recognition it should.yer thougths?
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yeah your rite the forest men do not get the reconition they deserve, but to be honest does any clubman get it in the way they deserve it? like any rpm will only show the top runners and so will on the limit sports, rpm will show the class winners of an international rally thats not so bad, but on the limit sports only show the top men or the lads who pay to have their in car camera in for the event have some chance of being shown. there is probably as much competition and more craic in the forest than on tarmac
i do forestry both here and wales but to be honest the craic during the rally is very good, but i have to say there never seems to be a party/session after the rally like the tar rallies.
but it is very close we won group N in 2 day rally last year by 1.8 seconds, abd that was over 120 miles it is after getting alot quicker in the woods in last two years for sure

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