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Recently Finished 15[SUP]th[/SUP] Overall on the 2017 Trackrod Rally of Yorkshire. 1[SUP]st[/SUP] in Class B11 and was 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] 2WD Car on the event.

Capable of many more class wins. This is a complete package which is ready to go and compete with.

Links below are to view many more photographs, video walk round and some in car footage
Walk round video

I can be contacted on 07767611748

The parts on this car could be used and transferred onto an Escort build for someone with an Escort Mk1 / MK2 rally Project.

Price - £26,000

Brief Background

This shell is one of three originally built by Peter Maylum around his own Genesis design which was mostly used in Mk3 and Mk4 Escort conversions to rear wheel drive using MK2 Escort rally components. Peter built this shell, in its first incarnation for me in 1999 and was built with forest rallying in mind and was extensively used in the early to mid 2000’s. I rebuilt the car fully and made some improvements to the layout in 2006 and upgraded the engine to what you see now and its mechanical specification. This car has been developed extensively and is now very well sorted, well balanced to drive and easy to work on. Much time and effort has gone into making this car as easily serviceable as possible and there has been attention to detail in its design for weight distribution and its CoG. The car sat unused since 2009 until 2017 and was completely mechanically rebuilt before undertaking three BTRDA at the end of 2017 with some great results.
Car will be supplied with the spares I take on events, fastener boxes, and lubricants required. It has its own source book containing, most part numbers regularly replaced parts and torque settings used. There is also recorded information on set up and I am happy to help with advice on this if required. Supplied with current MOT and is on the original type MSA log book with recent picture.

Body Shell
Fully seam welded professional RWD conversion allowing the suspension and transmission from a MK2 Escort rally car to be utilised. This car shares the same wheel base and track as an Escort MK2. Complete front inner wings and chassis rails with the engine mounted as low and as far back as possible. Removable strut brace. Steel doors are retained but cut out and replaced with aluminium door cards, tinted Perspex with sliders and opening rear quarter windows which are easily removed for better access for maintenance. Carbon roof vent. Large fluted transmission tunnel and exhaust tunnel. Flat floors have been installed from the behind the front foot wells back to avoid damage from flying rocks. Driver’s seat is mounted to seat rails while the co-driver seat is mounted directly to the reinforced floor as low down and as far back as it can go. Fitted with a custom made aluminium foot rest that is powder coated black and fitted with non slip tape. Behind the seats there is provision to carry 2 spare wheels on the large diff tunnel with the fuel tank being mounted in the boot floor. Four link suspension boxes and rear coil over towers with inner arches extended to make room for larger rear wheels. Rear arches have a discreet flair. Chassis sill mounts and car is supplied with four sill stands. The roll cage is very extensive and consists of a T45 main hoop and 38mm CDS auxiliary tubing and webbing throughout. Please see the online video for this. Fibreglass/Kevlar bonnet with RS200 style vent to extract heat from the back of the radiator, fitted with 5 black bonnet pins. Steel tailgate, lightened and fitted with an integrated fibreglass spoiler and lockable latches. Black 4mm high quality mudflaps. Quad headlamps with Cibie Lenses, lightweight bumpers and DTM style mirrors.

Dashboard and Wiring
Aluminium dashboard anodised black with a flocked removable top that allows easy access to the main wiring loom, back of the fuses, relays and Ecu’s. Dash carefully thought out with main switches for ignition, fuel pumps and starter on the centre panel which is accompanied by the main electric Carteck cut off, extinguisher box and heated screen switches. Custom loom with all wires labelled inside and out. All wires run back to a common earth inside the dash.
Centrally mounted Stack ST8100 dash, Terratrip 202 tripmeter with twin probes, dash switchable. Wired to accept 4 spot lights which are included with the car with quick release connectors.
Heated windscreen and PIAA wiper blades with washer jets mounted on the wiper arms.
Steering wheel mounted wash / wipe button.

All hardware throughout the car is high tensile cap head bolts with long shanks so any load is always on the shank and not the thread. Bolts are cut to length and those used on suspension have tapered ends to allow for quick installation. All hardware has been regularly replaced and nylocs are only ever fitted once. Anything secured by captive nuts the bolts are drilled and lockwired. All link bars, brackets etc on the car have been powder coated.

2.0 16 Valve Vauxhall with Coscast head originally built by John Read but has had a FULL rebuild 3 events ago by Kieron at KSP Engines and came back like new. Circa 250 bhp with huge torque from very low down. This is a very drivable engine, with steel rods, solid lifters, Jenvey throttle bodies etc. It was kept wet sump for simplicity. Revs to 8200rpm and would cost in excess of £10000.00 to buy now. Paddle clutch and new clutch cover fitted when the engine was rebuilt. The engine is cooled by a large custom made aluminium radiator, new black silicon Viper hoses throughout and aluminium header tank. Radiator and header tank fabricated by Brise Fabrications. Oil cooler is mounted on the back of the radiator and is connected by braded lines.

Custom Exhaust, 4 into 2 into 1 which runs through its own tunnel and then inside the transmission tunnel. Wrapped as it goes through the car to keep temps down and is slipper jointed so easy and fast to remove from the car.
Bell Housing
Alloy 7 degree bell housing which has been modified to allow the gear box to be removed whilst leaving the bellhousing in situ. Clutch concentric slave cylinder is mounted inside the bell housing and has braided lines running to and from it. There is a remote bleed valve mounted on the bulkhead which makes bleeding the clutch a simple task. Aluminium / Felt competition gearbox gasket as supplied by SBD is fitted and the car comes with a spare.

Quaife 6 speed sequential 26z which I bought new and has been exclusively serviced by Quaife. Fitted with longer gear stick supplied by Camillus Bradley and Quaife gear position indicator. Filled with fresh Millers gearbox oil. Quick release mounts to bell housing and gearbox mount, all bolts drilled and lock wired. It also has a remote filler inside the engine bay making topping up the oil an easy task in the garage or on an event should it ever require it.
Single piece Grp4 Propshaft.

Four Link Bars
Long bars fitted with M10 cap heads with long shanks at the front through poly bushes and 1/2 x 5/8 bearings at the rear housed in rubber boots. Flaps protect the bottom joints.

Rear Axle
Fully floating, twin taper bearing atlas axle with Watts linkage. ZF Motorsport LSD and fitted with 4.6:1 final drive and a 5.1:1 spare. Axle had full rebuild before the last event and had new half shafts supplied by Rally and Competition Equipment. Hubs rebuilt with new seals and waterproof grease. Diff breather goes to a filter mounted under the boot floor and the axle has flaps to guard the rear brakes. Brake pipes attached to brackets welded to the axle so are unaffected by flying stones hitting cable ties. Diff guard, powder coated black.

Rear Suspension
Bilstein rear coilovers and dual rate springs. On forest set up but can be supplied on Tarmac springs if preferred

Front Suspension
Bilstein long bodies, one is two events old and the other just one event old. Crack tested before the last event. 260/60 inserts and dual rate front springs. I can supply the car with 300/100 inserts and tarmac springs if preferred. Steering arms are gusseted in fitted with M12 bolts which makes changing the arms very quick. Comes with a spare set of steering arms. Near side is fitted with duel speed probes for the trip meter, the off side has one speed sensor for the speedometer. Aluminium Eccentric top mounts, just fitted with new spherical bearings. Top mounts can be adjusted for caster and camber is also adjusted at the top via the slots in the strut top. Fitted with anti-roll bar though our own billet machined mounts and rose jointed drop links to the TCA’s. Machined billet TCA’s which are in situ adjustable for track and have replaceable king pins and spherical bearings. Alloy group four hubs with larger outer bearing and VW lock nut. Group for studs. Will be supplied with spare kingpins and bearings. Inner joints are 1/2 x 5/8 rose joints. Powder coated compression struts fitted with 1/2 x 5/8 joint.

Fitted with Corsa electric power steering with dash mounted variable switch to adjust the weight of the steering. The steering wheel is centrally mounted and can be adjusted if required. Group 4 knuckle and heavy duty MK2 Escort Steering rack with rose jointed track rod ends. The rack is mounted on a world cup cross member.

Front calipers are AP CP4567 with AP discs and bells and Mintex 1144 pads which are 3 events old. At the rear are AP 2382 2 pot alloy callipers and solid 10 ¼ inch discs and Mintex 1144 pads.
Internal aluminium hydraulic hand brake with 0.625 master cylinder and pressure sensor for brake lights. Handbrake also comes with a ratchet which can be used for MOT. Dashboard adjustable Pedal box fitted with 0.625 master cylinders for clutch and front brakes and 0.75 for the rear. Powder coated black with non slip pedals. Mocal brake fluid and will be supplied with new spare top up bottles.

Fuel System
Fuel is contained in an aluminium foam filled fuel tank which holds 56 litres of fuel. All lines are PTFE braded inside the car with new Motormec fittings. A low pressure Facet red top pump supplies the swirl pot which then gravity feeds through a billet filter and into a new (3 events old) motorsport fuel pump and then through another billet filter before reaching the fuel rail. As there is always a continuous head of fuel the car can be run very light on fuel with no adverse effects and as it uses PTFE lines there are no nasty fuel smells. The car is not required to be fitted with a sample valve.

Interior Fittings
Seats are OMP WRC FIA Fibreglass and are dated until 2022 and are mounted on black powder coated OMP side mounts with load spreading washers.
Belts are 6 point TRS HANS specific FIA compliant in black and are dated until 2022
Stilo DG-10 intercom with Bluetooth connectivity and two new Stilo Headsets are also included.
New (2017) Electric FEV gas discharge fire extinguisher with matching large hand held in the same dark red colour which was an extra cost.
Cartek Electric cut off switch
New Varley 30 motorsport battery
Snap-On Nut gun with case, battery and charger. Gun sits in its own quick release mount in the boot.
Two TRS belt cutters
First Aid Kit
Spill Kit
Warning Triangle
Scissor jack mounted on rear link tower which is quick release
Quick release tool case with tools

Wheels and Tyres
X6 7x13 Compomotive Group 4 ML painted Black
X4 6x13 Compomotive Group 4 ML Painted Black
X8 185/70/13 Part Worn Pirrelli Scorpion Gravel Tyres – GM6
X6 165/80/13 Part Worn Pirrelli Scorpion Gravel Tyres – GM6
X4 X22 Dunlop moulded Slicks
X2 X12 Dunlop moulded Slicks (Unused)

Spares Box
120amp Alternator – Recently tested
Starter Motor
Various Hoses



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