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First win for Donnelly

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Good day for all in Clare, Ray Breen took the title and Charlie got his first win, well done all.

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Long overdue and a pity about that puncture in Galway as it would have made the championship go down to the wire. Ah well next year. Better get started on the model of Breen's Focus.
Sounds like Charlie had the misfortune to run into one of the more "over enthusiastic" members of our garda siochana. Wounder if he got the hump when Charlie had no licence and went around and checked the tread depth on the tires. :laugh: I'd pay to see that in car footage. "Where are you coming from sir, are you the registered owner of this vehicle" :p:
Great win for Charlie all the same, pity it didn't come earlier in the year when he could have enjoyed it more.

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Delighted for Charlie - as you say lads it's long overdue

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The only pity is that it took the club so long to see sense and remove the penalty! It would have been brill to see charlie spray the champagne at the ramp! He really deserves him win
Why was the penalty removed?

Donnelly was fastest on the stages, fair play well done to Paddy Toner also.

Good to see a Dunlop car win the Dunlop championship.
Donnelly won around in the manta in think the last man to won a round in a rwd car.
I rememeber his exploits in the yellow manta on RPM a few years ago :laugh:
Correct 2.4, he won Cavan in 1997 in the Manta. Remember seeing him in Stonethrowers that year, Barable was out in the Celica and Donnelly really puttin it up to him in the Manta. Incedentally, Ray Breen was also out in the Stonethrowers that year in the 6R4 and was challenging for the lead in the early stages before he retired.
Great to see Charlie bag the win!!!!
Charlie was great back in the Manta, he ran Gillecce very close for the championship back in 97 and it was ironic that when he moved up to 4wd tecknology that the championship challenge faultered. Hopefully he'll return next year, I taught this would be his year.
If the appeal had gone his way in Limerick who knows what could have happened.His speech at the prize giving was some craic
The over enthusiastic member of the Garda Siochana as you put it x-works was well within his rights to reprimand Donnelly. On the road section between SS4 and SS5 he was pulled in on the hard shoulder beside a filling station about 3 miles from the arrival control. Approx 5 mins before his due time at the next control he proceeded to the stage weaving to and fro and driving over the speed limit on the public road in an effort to keep his tyres warm. The Guard in question stopped him and in the course of his duties delayed him which left him 4mins late at the next control therefore incurring the 15secs per minute late as per rally regulations.
In true Charlie fashion he got his side of the story in first , moaning about how a routine check and not having a driving licence on him was the cause of his lateness at the arrival control.
How come that this so called routine check involved just one competitor and that the rest of the field including Breen who was on the road before him and Maguire who incidently was parked alongside Charlie at the filling station were not subjected to the harrasment of the Guard ?????
Furthermore at the finish of the rally Breen was deemed to be the winner and of course crowned 2005 National rally champion. When Breen was been interviewed he went out of his way to compliment Donnelly on the year long battle that they had with him and emphasised the sporting nature of their battles throughout the season.
When it was the so called sportsman Donnellys turn to take the mike from Dougie he really really surpassed himself with a scathing attack on the Clare Motor Club, Motorsport Ireland , and of course the Garda Siochana. Talk about throwing the toys out of the pram !! A lot of people and competitors who witnessed this outrageous behaviour were astonished with his remarks and his ME ME ME ME attitude.
Later on that night at the prizegiving when the result had been reversed he joked and carried on his personal attack on the Guard who had stopped him earlier in the day. The behaviour that he portrayed at the prizegiving gave a simple message out to the rallying fraternity especially the Juniors and that is " lads do what ye want between road sections , rally drivers are above the law during a rally at all times " !!!!!!!!!!
At a time when Motorsport Ireland in conjunction with the Garda Siochana are trying to make rallying safe for both competitors and genuine spectators alike by taking measures to curb the boy racer element that has tainted the sport over the years what does this tell you??????
Rules are rules end of story. Does anyone remember the Rally of the Lakes 98 when MacHale who was leading from Leckey incurred road penalties which Mike Marshall enforced , and lost the rally ? And no amount of lobbying could get him to waive the penalty.
At the end of the day Charlie Donnelly got what he wanted , his way but at a price. He will never have the respect of competitors and spectators who know the real story again.
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Donnelly's incident happened on the road section to stage 4 - not between stages 4 and 5 as stated on the previous post by 2223IM.

There was another competitor stopped by the same officer. A later runner who was doing the rally to raise money for charity but he was delayed for so long he was out of the rally.
yeah it wasnt specific to charlie other competitors were stopped by this officer and held. Charlie didnt throw the toys out of the pram he did his best to calm the situation but the officer wouldn't hear of it. He is famous locally for having a prolem with rallies, and even local crews were held up and had to appear at the local garda station before the rally even finished

the motor club thought that this wouldnt happen again this year, as he had a job at the service area, but he still managed to give competitors a hard time
Kermit were you there did you hear what he said to the Guard or the marshall at the in control of the stage come to that???

233IM is dead right in what he says, I was at the ramp also and heard the childish scathing attack on both Clare Mc and the Gardai, the Coc and his team were a stones throw from the ramp listening to this attack on how they should kop on to bogey times etc etc etc, the bogey times are not the clubs fault but the green books regulations, live with it- Maguire and Breen also bet the bogey, did they complain? Great thanks for a hard working club and all the hours they put in.

and as for the sppech at prize giving, the blatant rudeness and the attempt to entice the gathering to turn on the gardai by writing to the media!!
and the final comment was terrible, I wouldnt repeat it.

and one thing so great about the speech, how he congratulated his fellow competitors on winning the championship that day and how they before this supported his approach to the club to have the leitamite penalties scrubbed- did anyone else hear the sporting gesture..........no as it didnt exist:mad:

as I say the green book isnt worth a fuck if you are in the top ten.
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Originally posted by 2223 IM
which Mike Marshall enforced , and lost the rally ? And no amount of lobbying could get him to waive the penalty.

At the end of the day Charlie Donnelly got what he wanted , his way but at a price. He will never have the respect of competitors and spectators who know the real story again.
Mike Marshall is a legend in Irish Rallying, a man with balls and the courage of his convictions, even if you dont agree with him sometimes you have to say he has the good of the sport at his heart, he doesnt suffer fools or pander to egos- In Killarney you are a competitor wether you are no 1 or no 151 and when you are wrong you are wrong, he will come down on you like a ton of bricks, but its a fair and measured ton.
Boy can he run a rally (no disrespect to Clare or any other club)

As 223 says those who know the full facts can make their mind up and we are all entitled to our opinion, but he makes solid points and I agree 100%
I would say by listening to Topscrotum and 2223 IM there not long out of templemore themselves, what do YE think lads ??? And if there not they would make two damn fine recruits next year :p:p:p
Yeah I left Templemore last Tuesday................sideways in an AE86 Twin Cam:cool:
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