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First Ever Rally

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Questions for forum members? What was the first rally you were ever at and what do you remember about it?

Mine was the 1976 Cork 20 passing my door (Ring stage in reverse), was three years old and Billy Coleman scaring the s***e out of me (obviously I didn't know it was him then!)....I didn't want to see another rally car again until the 1979 West Cork!!:laugh:

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went to the COI years ago with dad from buggy ages till the last time it started in bagor

but 1st real rally was the last time the ulster used torr head think it was 01 or 02
1979 COI-Killarney.

I remember Bertie in the RS 1800-Kleber tyres-never heard of them in those days, Jimmy MCRae in the Chevette-I think it was the year he won it, Coleman out in the Eaton Yale Escort which did not make it to Killarney. It was also the year of the petrol strike and the rally was cancelled from Galway to Killarney. I remember Stig Blomquist filling the SWB Saab Turbo in the local Esso garage in Killarney. I am a bit confused between the 79 and 80 event-big duel between Ari in the Rothmans Escort and Jimmy in the HSR-swopping seconds all the way until Ari roofed it. I think Russell and Tony Pond banana-ed their cars on a big yump up north Those were the days of MK II, HSR, TR7 V8, RS2000, Dolomite sprints, and all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff.

Great days those!
mine was late 80`s went to the circuit of ireland service was in the mart in kilkenny remember a black manta and a black bmw i dont know who was driving them i was only about 5 at the time, i remember watching a rally in portlaw near waterford years ago i think it was the circuit as well, also remember Frank Meagher coming sideways towards a ditch in the ravens rock years ago
1990 Sligo Stages. Was only three but i remember sittin on my dad's shoulders outside Coolaney village and seein and hearin my first 6R4..... Magic
Yes I remember my first rally too.Sitting on my fathers shoulders.He never forgave me for that......but then I was 36 at the time.I clearly remember hearing my first slip disc.:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

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Ruby, 1980 Billy had the Eaton Yale Escort, he was battling with Ari and Jimmy until he had engine problems near Millstreet. McRae eventually won the event. 1979 Tony Pond and Russell Brookes destroyed their cars, Airikkala won with Billy 2nd, and there was a fuel shortage in Ireland that year....you might be mixing the years, but the memory ain't too bad!!:laugh::laugh:
79-Brooks and Pond bent the cars banana shaped on the same yump-retired on the spot.

80-Jimmy and Ari in big battle-Jimmy won his first COI.

Billy was in the Eaton Yale car as Hannu was in Africa on Safari.

79 was the petrol shortage as we brought all ours with us-we were saving petrol for about two weeks before the rally because of the shortages.

I also got very drunk in the Gleneagle-Sunshine were playing with Linda Martin and I think they did a brilliant version of Turning Japenese and she looked very sexy-mind you I was very young and well pissed.


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Donegal in 94 havent missed it since, been to wrc, british and other irish events etc, nothing can beat DL!!!:cool:
Like some more of Ye I was brought to rallies since I was in the Pram.. first one I remember is the Rally of the Lakes 1984. I was 3 years old. Coleman won it in the Manta. I have a picture of me standing outside the manta that year in the service area, which was outside Whites Filling station in Kenmare... Ive been to every Rally of the Lakes since then..
i remember been to carrick-on-suir rally in 1995 my uncle was taking care of pat curly's lhd corrolla i was 5 and since then never looked back
longford single stage '98!! bit of a late bloomer i was about 14 got a spin in a gp A 205 that day into town. havent looked back since!!
i think mine was '95 circuit round bangor castle - distinctly remember the michelin pilot escort - remember puttiing my hands over my ears - they just dont seem as loud nowadays!

I would love it if we could just go back to '90s rallying again!
Originally posted by jonnyc
i think mine was '95 circuit round bangor castle - distinctly remember the michelin pilot escort - remember puttiing my hands over my ears - they just dont seem as loud nowadays!

I would love it if we could just go back to '90s rallying again!
snap i think we were born that bit late my man (god dam parents)
1994 Circuit of Ireland was very special. The stage was outside Tyan Co Armagh aged about 9
2000 Rally of the Lakes (late starter due to no wheels and working every weekend while in college).

Memories were definitely Eamon Boland's Focus!
Circuit of Ireland was my first rally in 1986. Was only 4 at the time!!! First rally memory that really stands out is Carrick forest in late 80's, cant rem the year but can rem Frank Meagher at ten tenths!!!!!!! Think it was 87 or 88...............
First rally car I got a spin in was a Sunbeam in 1989, Later went on to navigate for the driver!!!!! He still slags me bout the night he gave me my first spin!!!!!
yeah gee like kris meeke said once "if only we were born 20 years earlier!!"

So true!

Things going v well thanks ruby! Urself?

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