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Fastnet Entry List

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Any one know when da entry list is out, i heard its on line but i cant find it!
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I think on-line this evening. Final inst. posted as far as I know.
Just got the entry list this morning and it gone on line



Great to see Melvyn Evans back competing in Ireland after the way he was treated in Limerick. Hope he goes all the way in Skib !!!
Good entry-planning a trip down to see the last big rally of the year. Hope Jim H can keep it on the road this time-has had a bad season. RB will proberbly be out to enjoy himself as the championship is won.
Good to see Liam Davis back out on the stages! Should be a good old scrap in gpN. If it's wet, it'll be good to see how Cronin goes. Best of luck to Donocha Hayes and his team, always a great rally and the most enjoyable one of the year. Can't wait for Sunday night in Glandore!
Any one got any stage infor-how many, in a loop, locations?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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