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EX works SAAB V4 3rd in 71 RAC rally

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I am currently negotiating the purchase of an EX works SAAB V4.
The car came third in the 71 RAC rally driven by Carl Orrenius Reg No PA 57005 & comes with plenty of documentation confirming this including its Swedish Logbook and what appears to be its Swedish MOT certificates.
The car has been stripped down and resprayed in its period RAC. rally Colour having had a colour change sometime in its life.
It has been loosely reassembled so it can be moved around it has a 1815cc engine (in good condition) and works competition Dept gearbox with plate limited slip Differential and runs on twin weber 45s.
It has all its Rally Equipment down to snow shovels
It is only missing an exhaust and battery.
I show cars as a hobby, but this is way outside my area of experience. I would like to complete its restoration to its 71 RAC rally condition.
My question is
As my plans are not to rally it but rather preserve it for the future.
1 Is it worth carrying out this restoration.
2 Does anyone know of a reputable company who could reassemble this car for me.
Currently I have varying wide ranging estimates ranging from £10,000 to £40,000 so wish to get some expert advice on this.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts