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Engine Has Arrived

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Got my engine today cant wait to spend money on it lol that dosent sound right lol!!!

So decided to go for webbers rally cam and arp bolts really and mbe or simialr mapping, just where to get it done is the problem?
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Tom Casey s the best man in Ireland 2 get power out of opel engines
Alex Collier in Wexford has built a lot of engines for quick fellows, Thomas O Rourke, John Somers, James Stafford etc...... His no. is 086-8531671

Also Martin Treacy in Enfield is very good 046-9541622
Originally posted by realdriversdoitloose
Tom Casey s the best man in Ireland 2 get power out of opel engines
yeah tom casey keeps his garage and yard fairly clean!!!!(not)
ross, martin tracey is the man to build you a good reliable engine alot of lads will get you mad power but your car will be a ball of shite because it wont be reliable and it will keep breaking down
Yeah i want really simple i would put it in near standard if i could but i was told they dont work with the standard epi injection with the vauxhall brain??????

But anyway thanks i was told of a guy he is Bobby Sharky's Bro inlaw no name sorry!!!
Was that a dig at me wit my axel problems jp ?
Also was wondering does Swift Gtis come with hollow camshafts standard ?? mines are hollow and have holes drilled in them?????
The shafts are hollow when you look up though them and there are 1/2 holes in each shaft in between each set of "Pear Cams"

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[Edited on 17-9-2005 by rossgamble1987]
When do you hope to have this yoke out - looking forward to seeing it!
Ummmm jan/feb i hope :) seems a long time but isnt when money is involed lol
Found a ferado-d 3 pice clutch in my engine/gearbox today nice surprise for me hehe going to see the cltcu as it only a fast road cintered one and buy a 3 padel rally one anyone any idea where to sell the fast road one and how much 4 still a good 3mm from rivets
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