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Donnelly fans

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i was spectating at rally ireland on saturday on stage three when a group of fellas all decked in the donnelly finest treads got very excited at the sight of a corolla approaching them they started to shout ''go on donnelly your some man'' i turned around to them and asked them what there were on about and they told me donnelly was going to win the rally i laughed and said ''i know he's tallented but he'll hardly do it from the bed he's not even in the rally'' i got a reply ''it's like fucking donegal last week he didnt show either'' then i had to explain to them that he was there and he won the rally.there seems to be some clowns in the donnelly fan club at the moment.by the way the corolla was gareth Mchale

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the poor fellas hadnt a clue what they were on about i think fucked up there weekend they had no hero to cheer on
that sounds like something you would see on harry enfield, but if they were wearing the jackets sure that makes them REAL rally fan's
True fans there alright, you see them every weekend,

I vote for a signed disclaimer/health warning with all Donnelly Motorport team wear

"Hai Boss by buying this it does not make you a proper knowlagable rally fan just another "DONNELLY DUDE" of which there are 1000s- at at 69% profit margin- thank you and please stay tuned for Donnelly Underwear to be modellled by Dougie Hughes at an early date"
infairness you would hear some stuff at rallies, i onxce heard a lad sayin to his missus (who of course was wear 4inch heels tryin to walk in fields and over ditch's you the type i mean) that the tyre;s on rally cars are solid rubber to prevent punture's next thing a car came round corner with one the poor lad didn't know where to look.
Rumor has it that......no no I can't say

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My bird got me the Donelly jacket for my birthday this year and I was delighted with it as I'm a long time fan. Not too many others had one at the time. Then I went to the Cork 20 and it seemed that every fool down there had one!!!!
I was spectating at a stage on sunday, wearing my jacket, waiting for the cars to arrive, when I started talkin to the lad beside me, also wearing a Donnelly jacket, I said something along the lines of.....fair play to Donnelly, he nearly has it now,I remember him down here 4 years ago in the G3...... The lad looked at me and said.......In the what....I said the G3......he said....whats a G3.....no messin lads, he hadn't a fucking clue!!!!

There were about 40 - 50 lads on the ditch wearin the jackets and when Donnelly arrived I gave a big cheer, as did some others, but about 30 others, looked at us wondering what the hell we were gettin so excited about!!!

Big Donnelly fans indeed!!!!
V800 was this at the hairpin at dromahair? Cause i heard some ppl sayin somethin similar alrite
Was at the rock bout 3yrs ago and there was a group locals standing by there house who, like an awful lot of residents, didn't know alot about the sport. However, there was another local on the far side of the road with a home video camera and by lord he knew everything! He knew so much he knew that Johnny's Subaru down the road was the same spec as Maguire's Impreza! He also knew that them ould Escorts (namely Lambert, Collins, James and Wall) weren't that quick because they were only 1600cc and that John Price i think it was, was actually rallying a Renault Clio! I was going to say something but it was on a straight so it was the best entertainment I had!
Have so many similiar situations worthy of mention, only I hav'nt got time to list all! I reckon there is a book in the making...whats yeahs reckon on " Spanners" as the title!:laugh:
Ah jaysus lads leave 'em alone......they're trying! But still hilarious!!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
Many a laugh iv got hearing these boys (who are in the know) chatting among themselves. I can remember attending the Motorsport International Show one year and while I was admiring a Lancer Evo4 GpA on show, two lads came up and looked in the side windows and I can still remember the exact words as one said to the other, "thats what I like to see, a full tank of Nitros in the green". Trying not to laugh I just walked away not bothering to inform them that what they had seen was the plumbed in fire extinguisher!!
Going by the way some of you are talking you must have very boring lives to have nothing better to talk about than slag and talk about people who may never have been to a rally or seen a rallycar before. Would you prefer that no new spectators go to rallies, who do regardless of their knowledge bring more money into towns and spend money to keep supporting a few rally related business that there are? You must also have very strict lives as you seem to be prohibited from saying even one thing out of line that you dont know everything about, becuase your assumptions are that anyone who does talk about something they dont know everything about is stupid.

Ye know, not everyone are know-alls like you's ;)

I can understand the banter in this thread but go easy on people who are new to the sport...its open to everyone...not just people who are involved.

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You never see folk out in DMG jackets or in Cuisuine de France jackets-wonder why that is?
Or Kingspan Citroen Xzara Jackets eh Ruby??:p:p
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