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Did Anybody Else See On The Limit

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What a great show i have never laughed this much this long time ur man that was sitting with pete green should have been a driver ;);););)
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Yea i saw it, Good Show,
Well done to Mick and all his team.

Bradley and Coleman on some pace
that boy made James O Brien sound like a normal co-driver!
I would either have stopped the car and thrown him our or asked him if he would prefer to drive-has to be the most irritating co driver in the world-unless someone knows of a worse one?
Was on last nite about half 12, absolutely hilarious listening to Greenes co driver in the mk2 :laugh::laugh::laugh:
Cud someone let me know wen fastnets gona b on if u find out b4 its 2 late! cheers
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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