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Devine wins Glens of Antrim!

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1st (6) Sean Devine/Damien Duffy (Impreza WRC) 43.00
2nd (2) Raymond Johnson/Richard Bell (Impreza WRC) 43.25
3rd (1) Craig & Rodger Bennett (Focus WRC) 43.48
4th (3) Kieran Shaw/Crawford Henderson (Lancer WRC) 44.16
5th (9) John McGlaughlin/David McElroy (Lancer N) 44.21

Donemana building contractor Sean Devine was a very happy man when he brought his Subaru Impreza WRC into the car park here at Ballymena’s County Hall. He had won his first major rally, this Glens of Antrim event, final round of the NI Championship. Co driven by Damien Duffin Devine had led the rally from the word go and finished 25s ahead of Fermanagh’s Raymond Johnson in a similar Subaru. Craig Bennett’s 3rd place in his Focus WRC also earned him 3rd in the championship. Neil McCance’s 6th overall and 2nd in group N behind John McGlaughlin earned McCance the NI Group N Champion’s title. A last minute upset was that Trevor Moore blotted his copybook with an off road excursion on the Parkmore stage to drop from a probable 4th to 9th.

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Great rally, Mrk2 action made up for the lack of entries!

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Great days craic. Was out marshalling and even got a hot meal afterwards!!!
well done to sean devine and damien duffin...

personally my drive of the day was trevor moore in the mark 2. well done trevor and co;)
congrats to neil mccance too - him and john mcglaughlin going very well today - gr8 day had by all

Here jonny i here you have soome very interesting footage of a special car recovery force lol are you putting that into your preveiw clip
Some days craic y'day. Was a fantastic days spectating even with no KPL or Allen! Well done to Sean&Damien for winning, Neil McCance on group n championship and also to 21/22yr old John McLaughlin going to be one to watch!
Trevor Moore was lethal as usuall, some grunt out of that mk2. Hopefully see him out in the N.I. championship 2006
Originally posted by rossgamble1987
Here jonny i here you have soome very interesting footage of a special car recovery force lol are you putting that into your preveiw clip
lol yea, that was class! big thanks to all fans there helping!!! :p hope the marshalls were happy with the effort, help and support they provided! :barf:
does anybody know who was out in the black unarched m11?
yea i was there to steve.The marshalls were doing nothing.they wearnt even slowing the cars down when we were trying to push him out.There must have been at least 15people there to lift bob out of the ditch.At least he finished:mad:
well the bit that got me was they were laughing at all the folks running to help out as if they 3 heads and telling folk they werent getting their hands dirty. :mad:

not to worry :cool:;)
as always a brilliant rally!!!!!!!!!!

Ps is it legal to paste rallynews into this forum? Are the rallynews sponsors not losing out?

PPs wouldn't be great if rallynews advised what approx time the next rallynews was going to be posted at?
(to their own web site)!!!!
I they said to us you are neaver going to get the car out of there.Its best to leave it, then stood and watched.Of course we were having none of it.Like this is bob were talking about.The car was well in.Do you know if jc is for putting that on his preview clip

In Bob we trust
o yes, im sure he will be! should be done sometime within next 2/3 days! if he puts in all highlights the preview will be 20mins long!!! :p:p
did anyone get any photos of bob riddles lying in ditch??

lol, yeah it will be going on alright - have video action from 4 stages! Details to follow soon in video forum

Originally posted by taillight
does anybody know who was out in the black unarched m11?
Its Gabriel Delargy, he went off on the 1st stage, but then got going again!
Didnt have any time to get any photos of bob, to busy pushing. 20min preview clip, u must have got some footage.Oh well it will still have to be downloaded
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