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Denis..the rainmaster!

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Once again Denis embarrasses the big guns in the rain. Liam McCarthy in West Cork, now Ray in Skib! Superb drive from one of the best drivers in the country. Great Stuff:laugh:
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I thought Ray Breen won the rally by 3secs?!?!?:dunno::dunno:
1 sec!

by 1 sec in a state of the art WRC against his old car.. just shows what driver talent can do against technology. Possibly a bit of local knowledge but that can be a dangerous thing aswell. Just making the point that Denis is a class act in the wet. Congrats to Ray again on a superb season
yes sir, big up to denis:D:D:D:D:D:D
Dennis Cronin was very fast in the wet and was visibly quick. Don't know what happened the Jim Harrison-was running well but on stage 5 it was lashing down and Breen caught and passed him half way through the stage. I think he must have been on the wrong tires. Same on six. He was missing on seven so don’t know what happened. Met Ray on Saturday night when I gave him the model and had a good chat about all sorts. Possibly up to six Focus running in Ireland next year, as several top guys have recently tested one. Ray will be out in Galway in February.
Circuit of Munster 2006

King Cronin strikes again!! Well done to Denis & Helen on their Munster win..
Have you got the results??? top 5?? please.
There ya go!

1 1 Denis Cronin/Helen O'Sullivan Subaru WRC 8 O/A 1:10:47
2 2 Melvyn Evans/Sean Mullally Subaru WRC 8 O/A 1:11:04 0:17 0:17
3 3 George Cullen/Jakes Kelly Subaru WRC 8 O/A 1:12:36 1:49 1:32
4 8 Colm Murphy/Ger Loughrey Subaru Impreza N12 4 1 1:14:58 4:11 2:22
5 137 Tadgh Linehan/Mark Kane Subaru Impreza N12 4 2 1:15:31 4:44 0:33
6 4 Liam McCarthy/Kieran Murphy Toyota Corolla WRC 8 1 1:15:31 4:44
7 21 Wesley Patterson/Llinos Jones-edwards Ford Escort 13 1 1:15:57 5:10 0:26
8 12 Daragh Rafferty/Alan Kenna Subaru WRC 8 2 1:16:15 5:28 0:18
9 14 Eamon Daly/John Young Mitsubishi Evo 8 4 3 1:16:19 5:32 0:04
10 15 James O'Sullivan/Adrian Deasy Mitsubishi Evo 7 4 4 1:17:25 6:38 1:06
Chears mate..what car was george cullen in???
Wasn't there but I presume it was the ex Lynch car?
Well Done to Denis & Helen, on a great win, well deserved, two fantastic people.
Also well done to Colm & Ger on winning Gp N from a hard charging Tadhg Linehan.
well done to denis and helen,
when will we see the M3 out again.
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