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A big well done to the man on his 3rd year doing the Club GTi Charity Track day to help raise money for CLICsargent cancer care. He comes along and drives the track day with passengers who win the seat via raffle and does so out of his own pocket so fair play to him for this!

The club raised a total of about £5400 from the track day and a bucket run from toome to comber a few weeks back so well done to all involved and also Denis yet again.

pictures - http://www.reallymeansounds.com/report.php?event=189

picture of Denis witha lucky winner

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Originally posted by anto
Originally posted by JJ
Originally posted by anto
just cause they have a add on his car i want some
any one know where i can get some f eckin irsh whiskey :laugh::):D:D:D

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You have to be over 18 to drink!!!
that dont stop me
You're some boy too.
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