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darren gass

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i c young gass is out in a "works fiesta s1600" next year. it says in this weeks irish notes that he beat off up 2 a dozen other competitors- what it meant 2 say was his daddy has more money 2 spend than the other 12 !!! fair play 2 the lad but if he went up against say the 5 best young drivers in this country, i doubt if he'd even b in the top 3? as the saying goes- time will tell........ best of luck 2 him.;)
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yeah i noticed it! Good luck to him coz he will need it! I personally dont think he has earned it as off yet but im sure he would in the near future!
If he has the beans let him be-who is to say who is more deserving than an other. I bet you have stuff going for you that is the envy of others. I know I have and I am lucky-not undeserving.
Have to say I have seen him on a number of occasions this year and he was very impressive. But be-grudgers will always be be-grudgers!

An excellent point there, Seamus. These forums seem to be full of "nearly men" and bitter spectators. In other words, useless [email protected] who hate to see other people who have no doubt earned their success doing well for themselves. Ireland's full of said [email protected]
im not be-grudging him im only stating a point. i did say good luck 2 him but he has'nt done anything out of the ordinary !?! say you put him o'toole + wilson in the same machine over 10miles who's going 2 win???
Once again the green eyes are out.how sad and yes you know who you are......why dont you let the lad enjoy the Fiesta instead of slagging him off!!!!!!!!!!
Were Wilson and O'Toole over in M-Sport for the day ?? I take it not. How does the saying go.... ?? If you're not in you can't win ;)

I guess that is whats called tough luck.
Well I suppose it was Malcolm Wilson, and not any wise men of the sidelines, he had to impress and he clearly managed to do so.
Yes, Malcolm chose him so he must have done something right.
true- oh so true. whats that other saying? if your daddy does'nt have a bag of cash u wont get invited :p:p:p some of u r like old woman, nobody can state an opinion without u's going off on 1 !!!! lets set up another forum where its not a crime 2 say what u think without- tits getting upset.
Nice, eloquent use of the English language there. Classy ;)
it gets the point across:cool: im just saying this is a forum- i.e a chance for people 2 say what they think.
fair play to him i would reckon m.wilson gets loads of offers from rich fathers to get their sons into cars, but i don't think he would put someone in a works drive that could tarnish the car wioth bad results or bad drives, darren gass must have impressed him. there was another 12 lads there.
who were they? fair play 2 him is rite- we'd all love 2 have somebody 2 put bags of cash behind us + put us in the best machinery. lets see how he gets on in the 2006 championship.............
Originally posted by CiaraC
Yes, Malcolm chose him so he must have done something right.
Malcolm also chose Kresta............

good to see him get this chance, he can steer and his Dad has a few bob so he should go far
Malcolm also chose Kresta............
For a very good reason ;)
I have raced with (i unfortunatly cant really say against) darren in rallycross and spoke to him in the paddock and he a really nice quite lad... VERY quick... i dont think there is anyone who goes into rallycross 1 as committed as he is... Best of luck to him.. i am very glad he has got this golden opportunity and i know i would love to be in his shoes right now..
Mauris has probaly realised over the last couple of years he cant realy compete at the level his car should be driven that he goin throw the money at darren and hope he does a better job than him
Kresta came knocking on the door to Malcolm with a lot of cash at a time when Malcolm needed money as he did not know if Ford were going to continue the support.
My son is 18mths old, and he has a full size rally car sitting in the garage with his name on it and in his name, whats wrong with that. He might take up a gentle sport like Rugby, I don't care I had the money I bought the car it is his to do what he wants when he is old enough. Fair play to Darren, Malcolm is one smart cookie he picked Darren because he impressed him and he saw potential.
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