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Croft Rallycross BRDA final

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Well done to Pat Doran on winning the 2005 BRDA Rallycross championship.

He nearly was put out as himself, Carnegie, Tracey and JMC all made contact and JMC lost out on one of the heats by going off, It was a race to get the cars sorted as Dermot looked to have had damaged suspension and Doran finished the race with a puncture and loose bodywork.

On the superfinal 2 drivers gave their spaces up allowing Doran to race otherwise he would of had to sit it out and he led from start to finish with Dermot overtaking Tracey to grab second.

I will put some pics up later.

Many thanks to Mark McGuffog for what he done for us today, much appreciated mate.

I saw a spectating Andrew Nesbitt there watching his boys in the mini's.

It would be good to see Andrew compete in the supercars in Rallycross

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Carnegie and Doran's men getting the Focus ready for the final

John McCluskey's car after his off

And British Rallycross champion 05, Big Pat Doran
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