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Cowboy Motorsport

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Cowboy Motorsport Returned To The Stages Today
For the first time in four years they have teamed up again today for this on off outting since they hit the tree in loughall park nearly four years ago running at no 39 today in The Down Rally today they made a slow start a bit rusty if the truth be told all was goin well untill they broke the gear box on the start line .Welcome back Declan Campbell & Hass mc Geary

But thats rallying :p:p:p:p:p:p:p
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fuck sake i remember that smash in loughgall the driver got out and ran and left the navigator trapped in the car, dam if if i would be sitting with him again after that.
Thought it would be quicker to finish stage on foot!!!!!
well the speed i seen him go he would have one hands down if he had of started on foot
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