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Coupla Thoughts....

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With the Irish series' in pretty good shape and the BRC heading to Gp. N, maybe it's time for the Irish National Championship to incorporate a gravel round or two? I know that the extra suspension would cost a few bob but they could run it past the most loyal couple of dozen entrants to see what they think. It would add some interest for the competitors, the spectators and might even attract BRC runners who have Gravel cars anyways. Miggins Vs. Nesbitt & Donnelly through the woods, anyone?

Also, I've been watching US Nascar racing on SKY and thought "Would permanent numbers be a popular move in Irish rallying"? I was struck by how the fans (and, God, there seems to be a lot of them) become loyal to a number. No. 2 is the imperious Tony 'Smoke' Stewart, 12 Ryan Newman, 6 the mighty Mark martin, etc. The cars look quite good with the number integrated into the livery of each car. Lot prettier than a square white door plate.

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Up until 1986 the Carrick forestry rally used to be a round of the Shellsport national rally championship. With the sucess of the Irish Forestry series it might not be a bad move. The events now are more common than back then when the forestry rallies south of the border were usually Carrick, Tipperary and Wicklow. Mind you I can recall back in 80 or 81 Joe Mac Hale competing on the Birr Forest in an orange MK2 1300 BDA.
The cost of converting most cars from tarmac to forestry might not be that costly, just tweak the Proflex a notch or two, stick on the Knobblies and away you go.!!!
when its not broke why fix it.it is known as a TARMAC championship
Then we call it a REAL NATIONAL CHAMIONSHIP instead of just a tarmac !
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