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I'm prepping to do the Silver State Classic Challenge this Sept in Nevada. This will be my first rally, so I don't know much, but I have a question. The winner will be the car that crosses the finish line at exactly the correct time. Think of it as a single stage for the entire course. There are no turns or such, it is ALL about finishing at exactly the correct moment.

It's a 90 mile course exactly, so I know the perfect tme down to 3 decimal places. If you want to have a chance to be on the podium you have to complete within .25 seconds of perfect time, within 1 quarter second. I'm not going to be on the podium, but would like to not embarrass myself.

I don't have a clue how the guys who do this every year can be that accurate, and they don't share their tricks, but it seems the top competitors often use countdown timers instead of elapsed time, and aim to cross the finish line at 00:00.000.

My stopwatch does countdown times with the accuracy needed, but it does not have a split function in countdown mode. Is there a countdown timer with a split capability? I would like my navigator to be able to take splits at the last few mile posts to get an exact reading on whether I'm on schedule or not, as opposed to his trying to catch the time down to 100ths of second on the fly without being able to freeze it. I can easily calculate what the exact time at each milepost should be, but it will be really hard for my navigator to capture the exact time if he can't freeze it.

I should add here that the class I'm competing in does not allow the use of dedicated rally timing gear, or "military grade" GPS, or even use of a smartphone. We have to do this with nothing but a handheld stopwatch and the car's speedometer and odometer.

Thanks in advance
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