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new rally, same old story!


Latest leaderboard after 2 stages:

mins secs

1 S Loeb Fr Citroen 37:09.3
2 M Gronholm Fin Peugeot 37:36.0
3 T G'meister Fin Ford 37:37.0
4 F Duval Bel Citroen 37:38.5
5 P Solberg Nor Subaru 37:42.9
6 S Sarrazin Fr Subaru 37:58.7
7 D Sola Sp Ford 37:59.0
8 A Bengue Fr Skoda 38:25.6
9 R Kresta Cz Ford 38:27.9
10 X Pons Sp OMV 38:45.7
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Its raining and the pirellis work in the rain-Solberge only 30 seconds behind-thats one spin in the rain for Loeb
Mr Loeb 4 stages today 4 stage wins enough said
Kris Meeke lying second in the JWRC. Behind championship leader Sordo but well clear of the chasing Suzukis.
Same old thing.......boring!!!!
anyone know what has happened Meeke today? He has lost a near 20mins on the 1st stage today:dunno:
I'm really disappointed,” said Yves Matton, Citroën Sport's customer programme manager. "Kris has added a third mistake to the two offs he had in Sardinia and in Finland. I did tell him how important it was for him and for us to perform well, like he did in Germany."

Was a wall that broke the steering, its a shame that Kris seems bent on wasteing the chance he has been given this season
Daividn I agree, soneone please sit him down and chat to him. I know everyone thinks a young McRae was the same.
But Please tell him to take note, or move aside and let another Irish driver like Mike Curran, Shaun Gallagher to name but two take the chance. I like Kris , but he ain't playing attention to what he has to do.
well i woudnt go as far as saying that he has wasted anychance.. More Unlucky than anything. but he deffinetly showed what he can do on Rally GB! The guy would be even better with a works drive and with a few rally's in he would deffinetly be mixing it with the boys at the top!
He just really frustrates me, he has such good backing, gilt edged opportunity. But he just seems to either make silly mistakes or not heed the instructions he was given. If he was asked for a points position, he should drive for a points position not try and take on Sordo. He was fantastic on Rally GB, but it will stand for nothing if he keeps binning the thing. Duval got a second chance earlier this year, but with the loss of Citroen next year he might be on the dole queue. To get a works drive he has to show he can drive for the team, at the moment I think Yves Matton does not think he drives for the team and other team managers will think the same.
He can do it, if he really wants too.
I understand what you say clan, but why shouldnt he push sordo. He was still in the title hunt. He could still be over looked for finishing good for the team and team managers seeing him finish 3rd or 4th in the overall championship and think he hasnt got the raw speed.
I agree he will have to start to keep it on the road more or he will deff get a bad rep, as mcrae once did, but I think he was right to have a charge. Thats what frustrates me more about wrc is the fact its more about the team than a driver. Sure look at Loeb, he would have won the title 3 times in a row if he hadnt of been told to slow down on rally gb a few years back. Sad.
Well, I think everyone that matters knows he has the speed. I just think he needs to show them he has the ability to work as a team, if he got the upper hand on Sordo on the first loop of stages fair enough, if he then went off he could blame Sordo for pushing to hard. But after his result on rally GB he needed to show he could work for the team and not for Kris Meeke. He failed on this matter and that is the frustration.
Just hold on. Kris has to beat a guy that has just done 13 tarmac rounds in Spain, in a works Citroen C2, and Kris had never been to Corsica before.

The problem appears to be he is only doing 8 rallys a year, and is asked to perform every time he sits in the car.

His speed is unquestionable. Rally Finland was simply an awesome show of speed. I was there and he was just in a different league. Rally GB in the Sub with only 80kms testing was outstanding.

OK, he is making a few mistakes, but he wears his heart on his sleeve and goes for it. Kris has not got to where is his now by giving up. He is the only junior driver who can cut it on both tarmac and gravel, but I agree needs to iron out the mistakes... without slowing down. A win in Spain will be on the cards. The stages should be new to everyone...

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I think Citroen are smart cookies, they know Sordo is competing week in week out in the works car, and he knows it inside out and knows the car on tarmac better then anyone. They also know his speed and what Kris is capable off, I am totally sure they have factored this in. But he has to learn to work for the team, it is the only way it works, look at Duval nearly kicked out on his ear because he could not work for the team. Richard Burns did this for years at Ralliart. Consistent results will get him the full works drive he deserves. But he has to be seen to play the game as well.
I definetly agree that Chris Meeke has the speed and talent to go all the way, but i see a small problem which he seems to have picked up off his mentor, which can be seen in interviews. The McRae attitude or "cockiness". This is not a bad thing sometimes, but he really should act a little bit more humble sometimes and take a leaf out of Sordo's book. PR is everything now a days! All i'm saying is that rallying now a days isn't just all about driving a car, there is so much other factors involved with it. No disrespect Kris...
Cockiness? Someone like Mr Guy Wilks is cocky. Kris has a bit of charisma, and down to earth with it. He appears confident, and why shouldnt he be? If he doesnt believe he can do it... who else will?
I think we all know Kris has the speed, Sordo may be getting more seat time but remember its Kris's 3rd year and Sordo's 1st in JWRC, Kris appears to be very quick on all surfaces, he just needs to keep it on the road, hopefully he has a good run in Catalunya cause the Monte seems a long time ago now
Your definetly right Wilks is cocky, but lets face it he's not in the same league as Kris Meeke talent wise! I remember i think it was wales at the start of last year and Meeke walked all over him in the under-powered corsa and wilks in the factory ignis. Sorodo is lucky to have sainz behind him as well as the RACC.
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