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Cork 20 thread pulled

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What-was it a bit too controversial for you. I did not say anything libelous. So much for free speech. Say what you like so long as we agree with it- is that the new thing now is it?

[Edited on 6-9-2005 by rubywax]
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I agree rubywax. Gave half an hour last nite writing my opinion on the matter and lo and behold it disappeared as quick as the Mk2 two litre pinto that won the 8 valve 1600 class on the recent galway summer rally !!! Only joking !
I think he got excluded didn't he-bit like myslef-Tee Hee
Thanks-someone asked for it to be pulled on the basis that it was going to compromise the investigation-since I mentioned no names and was careful no to do so, I don't know how that was going to happen. Seems like some folk have more power. Anyway I got my point across. Lets see what happens in Cork.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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