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Cork 20 Results so far

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after stage 4
Tim McNulty
Derek McGarrity 21 seconds behind tim
Eugene Donnely 6 seconds behind derek
Eamon boland

Colin Murphy i think is winning Group N from Gary Jennings, and brian o mahony is winning class 6 fron ken o neill
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Think young James Stafford has won da 205 Championship! Closest one to him crashed out! he was beatin him any way!! Congrats!!
Tim is going well and donnelly is warming up now. Come on Derek get the finger out
annej1 are you not navigating this weekend
after stage 6
Tim McNulty Total time 44.42
Derek McGarrity 45.03
Eugene Donnelly 45.05
Eamon Boland 45.25

Looks like Eugene and Derek are gonna have some battle only 2 seconds between them
Colin Murphy is still winning Group N His time 47.43
2nd Gary jennings 48.09
3rd James Foley 48.52

Brian O mahony still the first two wheel drive man on the road

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JP To save you typing after every stage, just quote the link to the results.

And for the latest written news. http://www.rallynews.net/Rallies/2005Rallies/Cork2005/index.htm
pieter tsjoen has just scored his first ever irish tamac championship fastest time on ss7. 4 seconds quicker than tim mcnulty. hes adapting quick!!!!
yeah pieter tsjoen is now up to 5th he has a lot to do
still no change at the top but in gp N Aaron mchale is up to 3rd and james o sullivan is 4th
Hey JP,Ya i am for my sins ha ha ha!!! Had to work today headin down in an hour!!! Nervous bout this one!
mchale set a very quick fastest time on ss8.
is it 8 stages tomorrow??
Wish I was there-no yabba dabba doo for me this weekend. Ah well there is still Rally Ireland and Skibbereen to look forward to.-YABBA DABBA DOO
Great win for Tim, and Eugene really deserved the championship this year, wasnt in Cork myself but it must have been a cracker, hope Tsjoen comes back for more, a very impressive result on his 1st Irish rally
finally,mcnulty gets to win an outright ITC round.top class drive well controlled. Tjosoen,well 2 fastest times on his first irish rally says it all.top class driver!!! hopefully he will be back.im surprised derek wasnt faster? eugene wasnt pushing and he still bet him.and is this the last time we will see austin mchale in a ITC round??
Cant wait for this to come on RPM

Well done Tim and an excellent champ win for the Genie, now comes the Fabia hopefully for next year

Well done Tsjoen on his first Irish event
Tsjoen, seems to have dialed himself and his car in now to Irish Tar, if he comes back in his new car, I expect he will be even more competitive to show us what a talent he really is.

Well done to Tim and Eugene and also to DMG for providing us with a cracking year of rallying. Eamon I think has the Focus up to speed and I dare say Austin should have another crack at it as he still has the magic. If Peadar comes back gets few under his belt before the new year he could well be the dark horse for 2006.
Maybe someone that was at the rally can confirm this. Noel Redmonds S9 which was converted to RHD as seen in Galway recently. Nigel Hicklin hired this car for the Cork 20, but looking at a picture off it on Seamus's site it now looks to be back in LHD. Am I going mad.
redmond got a new s9 i think
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