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Has any competitors of spectators any CONSTRUCTIVE comments to make on the rally of the glens last weekend??
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Need an other 8 mile stage so get looking!!!!!!!!!!
To remove the chicane before the double jump on slieveanorra which caused two retirements on saturday and restore it to the way it used to run without the bales .....
video clip from the rally now online! check out the videos forum

I personally think that every forect stage in the Nichampionship needs to be longer. The drivers are just getting started when they see the finish boards.

They were able to get longer stages for rally ireland, so why not for the ni championship.
How about an attitude change from mid antrim .

1. How about not keeping all the entry fee if someone has to withdraw an entry ( take expenses and return rest like every other club )

2. Take more care with seeding . Know of a competitor who was running in top ten in dogleap before retiring but was seeded in the 40's out of 67 .

3. Heard a rumour that some competitors were charged £50 or £60 to be scrutineered on saturday morning . If this is true I have never heard of this happening anywhere before .

I say this as a mid antrim member . Surely we need to catch ourselves on .
How about a couple of clubs joining in for a 2 day rally?? I'm sure The Sperrins & Dogleap could run that, or Lakeland & Bushwhacker. Some alternative stages maybe? Braddan can't be changed much, not sure of all the stage names, but each rally is virtually the same year after year, be nice if different routes where used in some of the bigger forests
I competed and thought it was very well run as usual, excellent event , no hold ups all day and the stages were in good condition. mid antrim did a superb job as usual.

A few thoughts...

Why not bring back the stages that ran in the dark on sat evening, remember watching ballyboley and Parkmore in the dark and thinkin, I wish I was in it! and now I'm old enough to compete there are no night stages!

Maybe a few more stages next year? can ballyboley or capnagh or glenarm not be used at all anymore?

The chicane before the double jump in orra caused a few problems as well.
The chicane before the jump had to be there for safety reasons it was either put it there or don't include that part of the stage.

The price for scrutineering is on the saturday morning was at the discretation of the scrutineer. ALL the competitors were told told this Mid-Antrim don't pay the scrutineer on saturday morning.

As for poor refunds for pulling out of the event I agree myself it doesn't give good PR taking all the money.

Seeding is based on NI Championship, Then Mid-Antrim Championship but seeding is time consuming and difficult. If someone was seeded poorly I can only apologise. We will try and be more careful

More comments please all are being taken on board

Glens Of Antrim Rally
wasnt really a good safety reason for us lol. but i agree mid antrim made a superb effort this year and everything went vry well. well done simon
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