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Colin McRae's McRae Stages course car model

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Just finished early hours of this morning
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Looks fantastic Mark great job, cant wait to get mine !!! :)
First lot sold out till I get some more base models
I only do 1/43rd scale and its cost me a fair bit to get these decals done.

however if there was a market for the 1/24th ones I could get a price and maybe sell some
Send me the graphics and I will do a set for him Mark

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Sorry Ruby but I dont pay for decals to be done just to give out to people as they have cost me quite a bit and then theres a chance these can be sold on.

I'm sure you understand
This discussion was continued briefly in the privacy of the U2U where we resolved everyting as two gentleman only can.;) or so I thought

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Another 4 will be built soon so anyone interested let me know
whats with all the edited posts????
Some of the McRae Stages cars are ready to send out and if you where one of the Killarney model buyers you will be given priority on the new model.

I need to know this week who wants one as Xmas is coming and the mail service gets [Censored].

Is the Mail strike still on in Ireland?
The post strike didn't go ahead Mark but it's still on a knife edge I think.
Might be no harm to get a price for DHL or one of those groups for the Irish Customers and give the option of us paying for that through Paypal.
Can you send me an email with the total amount including S&H when you're ready to ship.
Looking forward to getting my McRae stages Escort ........
Ste4011, All the edited posts were becuase there was some rather unpleasant heated debate between Mark and myself-it was all getting rather silly, so I edited all my posts and Mark did the same as were were both looking like planks.
Just received the Colin Mcrae stages Escort mark 2 from Mark today and it is a fantastic model the details is ist class..
Anyone that does'nt have ones needs to get their money out as you definately wont be disappointed!!!
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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