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any1 wanna compete in a freindly i do have plenty of time for this So If anyone is interested post back!1
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First time doing stage 1 in japan my time is 3:38.26
Im getting richard burns rally tomorow or tuseday should be a good game how many people have it maybe we could start some time swaping as ive said i have loads of time to reply and recive emails and to post on the net who is the fast so who has it?
ss1 japan

my best is 3:14.26 in the focus.
what are you like on ss1 uk.my best is a 3:01.37 in the focus.
just done Uk stage 1 in wait for it.......... 3:00:23
oh god,im going to burn my eyes out trying to beat that:laugh:.i havent been able to match my record in ages.
are you pc or ps2??
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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