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For sale
N555 JAW
private plate

So the story behind this is: growing up I was a huge rally fan (I still am), I followed the likes of Robert Burns, Colin McRae, Carlos Sainz Sr, Tommi Mäkinen and numerous others. Around 1999, I convinced my dad to buy a UK spec Impreza Turbo (see photos) and he decided to buy a private plate for it. After looking on the DVLA site I saw that N555 was available! Perfect for the car to represent the famous 555 car that won Colin McCrae the 1995 title and the 1996 World Rally Championship manufacturers win by Subaru - the year of the car we had! After that the initials JAW are my parents initials together with our family surname. The Scooby was sadly sold after about 6 years of fun, the plate was transferred to 3-4 vehicles after that.

I offer this plate for sale for £450 O.N.O and I can be contacted via [email protected] (serious enquiries only, no silly offers!)


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