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Clare Stages Programme

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Clare motorclubs Dermot Kelleher has to be commened for the great programme he put together for the recent rally.Its probably the best ive ever seen.The old photographs and interviews were interesting.The map was also easily read for spectators.Some rally programmes are a disgrace for 10e.Other motorclub s should take note as a stadard has now been set.

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dermot is the man. the programme is more like a book and has been for the last number of years.
Pity that he pissed off the sponsors then - there was no ad for Dunlop in the progamme and as far as I know, that's a requirement for a national championship round.
The front cover has a Dunlop ad at the bottom of it and the cover picture is of the back of Breens car which in bold print has Dunlop on the back bumper!What more do they want?Keep up the good work Dermot
Does anyone have a spare copy of the programme please.........
Have to agree, great programme, takes nearly a week to read and really shows how some clubs rip people off.

2006 Calendar Coming Soon..........
dunlop is all over the front cover by the way just like all the other nat championship programmes
Well done to Dermot on yet another brilliant publication. Since the Clare Stages was rejuvenated in '89 his enthusiasm and expertise in editing the programme each year just goes from strength to strength. Well worth the €10 for it. Puts so called motorsport monthly magazines in the shade !!!
Yes I was surprised how thick it was when I bought it-pulled a muscle.
Fair play to Dermot, the best rally programme i've ever come accross!::D
Hi does anyone have a spare Clare programme......
I too would like this program if anyone has one to spare.
Can anyone help us out with this........please!!
ring jim casey of the clare motor club he will sort ye out
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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