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i've a 1600 vtec, but i dont think im getting the power i should b. where would b the best place 2 go 2 get it checked out? also the vtec does'nt cut in till 6000revs, how could i get this down nearer 5000?
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if you get a v-tec controller this will change the timer for the v-tec to cut in also get the car put on a rolling road this will be one way of findin out if its down on power
a lot of people are dissapointed with the 1.6 vtec engine. the controller will definitely sort it out
where would i get 1, if its my controller thats the problem? whats the usual revs 4 the vtec 2 cut in?
i think the problem is that you dont have a controller as they dont come standard. think th vtec only cuts in a 6krpm standard. type vtec controller into yahho and you will find them
cheers davi, this mite b a stupid question but r u allowed them in a rally car? also if my car was running properly, what time should it take 2 get from 0-60 & 0-100? i just have a feeling that the car i look after is'nt at full power...then again it could b the driver!!!!
i can get you a vtec controller, the take off will vary on the ratio of you gearbox
what sort of money? how long would it take you 2 get it?
i will u2u ya on monday with a price they shouldnt be too hard ta get
the vtec cuts in at 5800 how far do you rev the car maybe thats why u feel its down on power if you rev it to 9 and change up you should still be in the vtec thats with a std box if its a eg6 civic you can run it next year as the are out of homolgation but as far as i know the cant be used in a homologated car
the are also very hard on the engine i know someone who built a load of civics and he tried them and the just blew engines on him
also what type engine is it there are a few different types could be just a tired engine
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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