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Citroen back for 2007

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Just read this on the bbc web site:

Citroen has confirmed it will return to the World Rally Championship in 2007 after taking a one-year sabbatical.
The French manufacturer and Peugeot are withdrawing from the series at the end of this season because of high costs.

But Citroen says it will return after the International Automobile Federation confirmed cost-cutting measures and a radical shake-up to the race calendar.

The team added that world champion Sebastien Loeb would be able to compete next year in a privately-entered car.

"The decision to return was taken very quickly," said team boss Guy Frequelin, whose team are heading for a third straight constructors title this year.

"The new regulations allow us to meet our budget targets. There is no longer anything standing in the way of our return to the sport."

Citroen said 2006 would be a year of transition, with two-time world champion Loeb in a private team while they revived their C4 car development programme.

"Loeb will drive for a private team in 2006 and will have a Citroen wheel the next season. In the meantime, he will help us to develop the new C4," Frequelin said.
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Thats bad news for WRC...........
the cost cutting is great news for all.

I would reckon that there will be a dozen or more manufacturers involved by 2007/2008. All the motor manufacturers are looking to rallying now to boost flagging sales. F1 will soon be overtaken by rallying as the most watched form of motorsport, and this is being acknowledged in all the right places.

The future's bright, the future is rallying.
I hope your right Kenny but we all thought this was going to happen when WRC arrived and it nearly did before costs went mad, money overrode talent, most of us got bored and half the car makers went home......
If you ask me anyway there is more skill required to drive a rally car through most WRC stages than there is needed to drive 60 laps round and round and round the same old boring circuits every other weekend!! Am i right in thinkin this or is it just me!??
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