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can anyyone help me, im reshelling my hs chevette and want to prep it for tarmac stages but no one over here is interested taking it on,, if any one has a chevette or has done this type of work i'd appreciate any advice etc
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andrew bushe up the north is a good man 4 chevettes.. dont have contact details for him. think he works with rpm so they might have no. etc he might not do the work himself but he'l probably know who can..

thanks for your reply, i'll try to get in touch wi him
what exactly do you want done to it u2u me
Andrew is off work sick at the moment, so you wont get him at RPM's number for the next while. But certainly he does know a hell of a lot about Chevette's ! :D

i want to 4 link it and convert it to lwb plus exhaust tunnel,
but theres nothing like seeing what someone else has done so you can get an idea what your aiming for, theres only a few guys doing that kind of work over here so you kinda get mugged if you want anything done, i was quoted 50 hrs to fit a set of link boxes ,im no expert but it does'nt take a week to cut out 2holes with a 9" grinder so i'll do it my self
Chevette Rebuild.

Also you could get in touch with Cork man Frank O'Mahony as he restored an ex-Russell Brookes machine, if you want Frank's details let me know...:cool::cool:

Best of Luck with the project anyway...:cool::cool:


did big Frank do the restoration himself?

or did he get it done elsewhere??

I'm in the middle of restoring a HSR myself, I need front indicators, brake and clutch cylinders and a few other odds and ends.

Any contacts???

Chevette Rebuild.

From talking with Frank he did have a hand in the restoration as did his good friend Kenny McKinstry, infact the last I heard the car was been actually stored in Kenny's premises at Banbridge...:cool::cool:

If you want details or contacts get in touch and I will do my best to help your goodself..:cool::cool:

Cheers boss...:cool:
Ian Jemison, Near York, the alloy wheel repairer man, he's built buckets full of Chevettes. Look him up at www.alloywheelrepairs.com
Does Mr.Meeke still build cars? If he does he'll be a sure bet to build a brilliant car!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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