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charlie donnelly

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on a lighter note after the tradgey in wales today.
i see on Rallynews.net charlie got pulled by a member of the long arm of the law!
who asked him to present his licence- charlie didnt have it with him and in turn was late for the start of the stage and has in turn been given a 1 minute penalty and has lost the lead of the rally..where else would it happen...hes appealing it wih the organisers! he must be fuming
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those clowns have nothing better for doing than pulling rally drivers,what a pack of pineapples.very bad luck for charlie,he was about to notch up a well deserved win! hopefully the appeal goes his way
Typical puffinhead-they are turning out idiots from Templemore these days. My mothers car was stolen last year, they found it by accident and then lost it again-
your all gone mouthing off tru your arses straight away without knowing the right version of the story theres alot of this crap around here
tell us the right story even thou it does'nt matter.
today wont be remembered for charile donnelly winning or looseing or who ever wins :(
Do ye know it's 12 penaly point for having 4 bald tyres and yer spare is no better, no tax, no nct, speaking with a funny accent, speeding, dangerous driving, failing to give way at a junction, lack of consideration, noisey exhaust, screen visor below the line of sight, no functioning speedometer: Whats your excuse?

I’m in a rally Guard and I'm a wee bit late.

On you go so and don't let me catch you with a drink on ye or I will do ye next time.

Spot on, no bother.
I expect the cop was probably doing his job. There's a ton of reasons why Charlie might've been legitimately stopped.
Originally posted by v800
your all gone mouthing off tru your pineapples straight away without knowing the right version of the story theres alot of this pineapple around here
Here Here, Guards dont just stop rally cars for no good reason and ask them to produce their licence when has it ever happened before that a competitor has been stopped just at random for such a thing?

Ever think he may have been doing something that he deserved to be stopped for?

THere is a 2min penalty in the green book for a crew that are stopped by the Gardai during a rally (I presume its there to stop the sport being brought into disrepute- especially when there are enough of cruisers and muppets spectating to do that) why didnt he get that penalty enforced instead of getting the lateness dropped. the green book means FUCK all if you are in the top ten thats why, this sport is as corrupt as politics.

Donnelly was fastest on the stages and fair play to him, but a rally is more than that and has been for many years,he got caught out, hard luck, next rally please lets all be grown up sportsmen and deal with it...........................but he won the rally when the organisers pandered to the situation and the personalities,

If it was Mickey Joe Mc Mickey in car 172 last on the road being caught by road closed car on every stage would he have got the same favouratism?
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The organisers did not pander to the situation. There had been an accident on stage 3 and many later competitors were delayed and therefore late at stage 4. When this became clear later all penalties to stage 4 were scrubbed - not just Donnellys.

Just to make one other thing quite clear - Donnelly was not warming tyres or anything else. He was stopped and asked for his driving licence. He did not have his driving licence in the rally car and this is considered an offence, but it was the only issue. The same "officer of the law" stopped a later competitor on the way to finish and as far as I am aware held him for such a long time he was out of the rally.
the guard pulled charlie for nothing;)
he walked round the car checked the tyres n then went on to slabber about a licence and get very aggorant !!

as for 12 points for four bald tyres thats :barf:
having one to four bald tyres is 3 points ( i know all about that):laugh:
Ah dry your eyes abe-my post about 12 points for four bald tyers was black humor, as was the rest of the post. Sure everyone knows its only 2 points for a bald tyre so that make 8 pts -oh the two bald tyrs in the boot makes it 12, so I was right. Of course you folk from Maraghfelt need all the help you can get when it comes to bald tyres so thats why you only get three points no matter how many slicks you are driving on. Us southerners get points for each tyre.

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maybe pc plod was just after his autograph and asked to see the licence so he knew he had stopped the right person :p:laugh::p:laugh:

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That Garda was there last year as well stop a good few cars,
and impound one.
And said to one driver see u next year.
He is going up to Sligo in October to Marshal
When has Gardas ever just stopped a rallly driver just for his licence?

Wake up he was warming tyres weaving onto the wrong side of the road, it happens in Irish rallying, he just got caught, bad luck, luck of the draw etc etc, Donnelly was not delayed by the accident as it wasnt a car in front of him on the stage kop on!

Maguire and Breen got there on time all present and correct
Originally posted by rubywax
Us southerners get points for each tyre.

that'll tighten ya ahole:p
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