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bushwacker 2wd

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well who is going to win the real rally on the wacker the 2wd not the wrcs (bankers rally cars) i quite fancy frank kelly to beat barrett this year and young naill mc cullagh to lift the pinto class as long as he changes his co driver patsy has put two drivers off on the last two events.ashley white could ruffle a few feathers.ashley donald wont hang about in the 1600 8v class,its looking like the best rally of the year.:cool

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There is a topic already for peeps like this wee men/wemon could ya naw kept post tp a min?
Sorry for slang there is a topic already on this forum its called Little Men/Wemon LOL made it so everyone would keep all this kinda post to a min soz but though id say !!
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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