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bushwacker 2wd

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well who is going to win the real rally on the wacker the 2wd not the wrcs (bankers rally cars) i quite fancy frank kelly to beat barrett this year and young naill mc cullagh to lift the pinto class as long as he changes his co driver patsy has put two drivers off on the last two events.ashley white could ruffle a few feathers.ashley donald wont hang about in the 1600 8v class,its looking like the best rally of the year.:cool

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you could be right big balls. kelly and barrett will be on a mission, comes down to who crashes first really.

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Originally posted by dd
Dont know, kelly's been in some form since the new engine went in. If he could only keep her on 4 wheels nobody could touch him. Boy it'll be mighty to watch while it lasts! Supose there will be 30 or 40 4wd's there to make up the numbers.:roll::roll::roll:
how long do you think it will last dd. probably best to catch one of the early stages, it'll be mighty.
Have to agree Barrett was going very hard. Must be some horse's in that thing, seq box was taken gears faster than he could feed them to her. Sounds way more powerfull than the rest and he was useing it all. Frank Kelly was on some mission, carrying serious speed through the corners. We seen him on ss3, were Leonard went off, Kelly never lifted out over that crest and down the hill into the hair pin. She was at some interesting angles comeing into the corner, hat's off to you boy's, your all mad!
I think so, don't know them by name. Must be some posted somewere. Mind you they wer'nt up near there, mostly down at the hair pin.
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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