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Bureaucracy gone mad

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I am a member of a local Classic Car Club which holds regular 'runs' to various destinations and rallies through out Ireland.
The Club is a member of the A.O.V.C. ( Association of Old Vehicle Clubs) and as a result of a meeting held last week at which a member of the Parades Commission was present it transpired that in order to organise a 'run' in Northern Ireland we must now apply to the Commission for permission. According to the Public Processions Act " If the Club arranges for a run where members set out with others from a pre-arranged place and time and travel together,to a pre-arranged location, this would appear to be a parade/ procession and as such needs to be notified"
In essence this means is that if two or three people decide to go out for a Sunday drive, arrange to meet at a specific location at a certain time and travel to the same location they will need to inform the Commission by completing an 8 page form which must be submitted through the local police station.
The form (11/1) asks for details of the route to be used, dates and times, who will be in charge and must be submitted 28 days before the trip.
When asked if the rules apply only to clubs and societies the representative said that it applied to everyone and that the Commission intend to make all Clubs etc. aware of the rules.
This means that if marshalls, comms. teams etc intend to meet at a pre designated place and travel in convoy to a rally they would need to get permission from the Commission by filling in the 11/1 form at least 28 days before they travel.
They could also go as far as asking every road rally to conform with the legislation as they would also fall within the criteria.
It seems the only people exempt from the rules is The Salvation Army along a route customarily followed by them, and a funeral possession and there will be no other exemptions without approval from the Secretary Of State.
If no permission has been received it is up to the P.S.N.I. to instigate proceedings against those involved.
I am sure you will agree that as far as motorsport is concerned these rules will have a very detrimental affect and as I have said this is truly bureaucracy gone mad.
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What about all these women who arrange to go to the toilet together at the pub :dunno:- they'd never hold on for 28 days!:dunno:
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