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Hi havent looked into this as much as i should have any predictions, Wigmore isnt doing the event due to selling his 206 but there is annother top 206 crew doing next weeks rally who will be in with a shot of winning just cant think o there names now lol !! previous 206 competitors anyway !!
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Ieuan Rowlands is out in his 206 from last year. He is not registered for points so his performance won't affect much :)

Are you going over Ross ??

This is probably the best event in the National Gravel Championship, a real cracker.
Naw not hi have loads other crap to do here lol should be a good event
Well better late than never but bit buzy "NET" wise this weather will try n sort site out V soon thats it over for annother while few words Colin would like to say on finishing 4th in the bulldog and commming 3rd in the championship!!

Name: colin
Date: Sun Oct 30 08:40:05 EST 2005
"Would like to say thanks Ross for all ur work on the site this year. As u know the 206 super cup season is over with the last round, the bulldog in wales. we finished 4th, to be honset it was'nt the best rally i drove, the pressure of finishing really getting to me as i had to finish to get 3rd overall in the 206 super cup, which we did. I am over the moon with my result this year,lets hope next year will be as good if not better. No plans for next year jet, some thinking to do first. Once again thanks Ross. I would also like to say a big thanks to my sponser A.B. CONTRACTS, and Gerry Mc Garrity Motorsport for running my car this year.

Regards Colin Britton."

Posted On www.freewebs.com/brittonmotorposrt <<check it out

Great year for Colin a sound performance and a well deservered result, considering last years run of bad luck,
Congrats Colin and Kenny and enjoy the prize giving all dickied up lol

Thanks for a mention lol will hope next year to .com the site few more extras and working on photoshop and flash and movie mixing in among building my own rally car lol
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rowlands must of been on some pace! considering he had'nt been out much this year.
yeah but also his car wasnt in the 206supercup so i dont think it was still to the alocated spec that everyother car had to be at but he still was fast like was 20 secs or so off faulkner at one stage thats soem going
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