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building a car

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just a inquery to build basic rally just for fun what would ye recommend, and how much approx
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give me a call on 086 1521603
You'd be better off buying one already built - stripping it down, checking & improving everything and putting it back together. Building from scratch is way more exepnsive (from experience)
ai do wat gn3dr says not so much the expence its the bloody shell prep thats the longest and surprisingly expensive only when you look back and add up all the shit you spend money for shell prep youll no lol, if i had to start my car again id would still build from scratch but buy a prepared shell from a spelist what you planning on????
Would definately go along with buying secondhand rather than new on cost grounds. 5000euro's should get you a decent car to have a good bit of reliable fun in, if not bought here then across the water. Motoring news classifieds usually has a few in it each week.
you would buy a good 205 gti or swift gti for handy money what are reliable and good fun and cheap to run have a look at rallycarsforsale.net there is a lot of cars on that for sale
NDE Motorsport supply a lot of reliable cars to those starting to rally. There are a couple of MKII escorts and a few 205s available at the minute. If you are interested U2U me and I can forward you some details.
thanks forr the feed back jp wil give you a shout tomorrow,
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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